Monday, November 22, 2010

Maybe They Were Bull Ants

When we were Canberra, we went to the Tidbinbilla nature reserve. The three of us took a walk where there were a LOT of ants. Jack wasn't very happy about that. I assumed they were bull ants.  They were big.  But later we went to Wildlife World, and saw our old favorite imprisoned bull ants.   They made the ants on the path look kind of small. So, then I thought maybe we hadn't been dealing with bull ants in Tidbinbilla.

Now, though.....

I was reading about a park on the Parks Victoria website;  Long Forest Nature Conservation Reserve. They say in the description, There are 12 species of bull ants found in the reserve, two of which occur nowhere else in Victoria. 

There are different types of bull ants.  I don't think I knew that. So maybe we just saw a different species than the ones at Wildlife World.   

Jack just made me an awesome birthday card.  Then he came in the room, turned off the lights, shined a flashlight on a drawing of a cake, and sang happy birthday.  I love things like that.  

Anyway, when we go to Australia...we should probably go to nature parks that DON'T advertise themselves as having lots of bull ants.  Jack's not a big fan of stinging and/or biting bugs.

P.S-  My friend's son is getting a bone marrow transplant tomorrow.  His 4-year-old sister is the donor.   Please keep them in your thoughts and/or prayers.