Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Nothing Much

No exciting Australia-related stuff is happening to us right now, but I'm wanting to write a blog post.

So I'll just say that I've been living up to my blog name by wearing Australia t-shirts, carrying an Australia bag (from Elizabeth's Bookshop) and reading an Australian book (The Book Thief).   Yes, I'm a total geek.  But I'm nice....and harmless.  

I haven't dreamed about Australia lately, but one of my American friends did.  

Magic Kingdom was SCARY tonight. We tried to exit during a parade, and people stopped when they weren't supposed to stop.  The walkway was all blocked, and they didn't have the usual impressive Disney crowd control. I worried we were going to repeat what happened in Germany. I hate stuff like that.

Other than has been fun.

I hope all of you (the HUGE masses of people who read this blog) have a wonderful magical day.   Okay, I'm lying.  There aren't masses of people reading my blog.  Today we went to the British store in Epcot.   There was a cute Alice in Wonderland dress (SO cute!)   I told Jack he should get it, and wear it.  Then I could write a blog post saying My son is gay....or maybe he's not. Then maybe I CAN have a super popular blog.  Jack wasn't keen on cooperating with that plan. Nor did he share my enthusiasm regarding the Lola doll (from Charlie and  Lola) Probably good because that thing was about $35. It was SO cute though.

Seriously though. Just for the record.....  I liked the now-super-famous-blog-post about the maybe-future-gay-child. I could relate to a lot of things that mom said. But it IS funny that it went so viral.