Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Platypus, My Past Life Memories, and Something Else Weird

I needed an excuse to do a blog post today, so I had Jack pose with the Phineas and Ferb platypus.

I want to write about the weird stuff that happened today at 50's Prime Time Cafe.  It's a theme restaurant at Disney Hollywood Studios.  

Before we ate, we had to wait in the living room area.  There they have furniture and decor that's supposed to remind us of the 1950's. 

Okay.  Now I gotta rewind to about 4-5 years ago.  I did a past life regression session with a psychologist.  I'm thinking I probably expected to see myself in Biblical Times or on the Mayflower or something.  To my surprise....what I saw was a black and white TV, a shelf full of various knickknacks, and a leather green chair with a whole in it.

In the living room area of the 50's Prime Time Cafe, there is a green leather chair (or maybe couch?) with a hole in it. I noticed that, and then realized the whole scene was very similar to what I saw in my past life experience thing.

So then I'm thinking....crap, did I spend all that time and money just so a psychologist could help me remember a theme restaurant in Disney World?  Really?!   Is that what it's all about?

But then I questioned that line of thinking.  I've seen a lot of historical imagery. We read books about the past.  We see movies about the past.  We see museums with images of the past. Disney World itself has displays of a wide range of time periods. Jack's favorite ride this year is Spaceship Earth.   Repeatedly this week we've traveled through scenes of history inside a giant golf ball.  

So when I did my past life regression; if it all just came from a memory of 50's Prime Time Cafe, then why did my subconscious pick that one place to confuse as a past life memory?

My guess is that maybe I DID have a past life in the 1950's.  Maybe the 50's Prime Time Cafe does a good job of replicating that time period.  Maybe green leather furniture was popular, and maybe it tends to easily get holes.  

The other weird thing that happened today is very eerie.  Jack and Tim sat across from me at the restaurant.

Suddenly, out of the blue....Jack stood up, and walked over to me.  He put his hand on my abdomen, looked at me in a very loving way, and said something like About ten years ago, I was in here.   I thought it was a bit random and bizarre, but sweet.  Then I started thinking about it. I realized that around ten years ago, Jack was conceived. I couldn't remember exact dates, but I did know that we found out I was pregnant in December.

When we got back to the hotel, I pretended I was a pregnant woman, and went to a due date calculator. I plugged in today's date, thinking it would be weird if I got a due date around Jack's birthday. I ended up getting his EXACT birthday.

Back to the past life subject.  For some reason, I was having deep thoughts about it the other day.  I had politely refused to see my death scene during the session. I chickened out. Later I was taking a walk, and suddenly got images and ideas of what happened.  I can't say if there's any truth to the memory, but it was a pretty awful and violent death.  So I've guessed that my obsession with Australia couldn't be related to a past life. Why would I love a country where I died in an awful way?   But the other day I started thinking.....Maybe my death was horrible, and my life was fantastic.   Maybe I've missed that life, despite it ending in a bad way.    And many deaths out there are pleasant?  

I do remember feeling alienated from the people I lived with.  I assumed it was because they ignored me.   But I also remembered having a very romantic relationship with someone.   Maybe it wasn't my family that ignored me.  Maybe I was the one ignoring them.  I got the sense that I was a young adult or teen.  It would make sense for me to feel emotionally separate from them....especially if I had a man in my life.

I'm kind of excited to see if anything else weird happens today.

And you's not the first time I've had weird spiritual coincidences and/or experiences at Disney World.