Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Please Call Your Fellow Americans and Bug Them To Death

In Australia, you are legally obligated to vote.

In America, we have the right to be politically apathetic.   

PLEASE, America!  Take that freedom away!   

I wish all Americans had to vote. Then maybe we wouldn't be bothered by politicians and their minions.   For the past several weeks, I've been getting emails from Obama's team.  On Facebook, President and Mrs. Obama keep posting stuff about voting and making phone calls.  

I know for a fact that I'm not the only American annoyed by this.

Tim and I DID vote.  This is the first time I've voted in a non-presidential election.  It's just I really dislike our Governor (Rick Perry) and I'm wishing someone new would come in. Plus, all the pestering got to me.  I gave in to the pressure.

But apparently it's not enough. I'm supposed to pick up my phone and call strangers.  Does this really convince people to vote?   Do you really win members for your team that way?  My feeling is most people these days don't like getting unsolicited phone calls. 

My sister and her husband are Republicans. My Brother-in-Law is practically a George W. Bush groupie.  They had Democrats calling them!  What do the Democrats expect?  After one phone call the Republicans will change their mind? 

I understand that politicians want to win, and I understand they want to pull people out of political apathy. But there must be a better way.  Right?  Making it illegal NOT to vote might help.    Although I guess you still could have people pestering you to change allegiances. I'm guessing Australia elections are obnoxious, but I'm also guessing that they're not as obnoxious as the American ones.  

All right.   Even though he's a total annoying pest right now, I still am fond of Obama.   I'll admit that.  Michelle Obama is cool too. I just want this to be over.

I think unfortunately....Rick Perry is going to win.