Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Real Alice

I just watched this clip on the Australian Screen website.  It's from a TV show called Double Trouble.  Nick from McLeod's Daughters is in it.  I didn't actually recognize his face, but I did recognize his name.

Anyway, the show takes place in Alice Springs.  It is totally not how I expected Alice Springs to look.  Now I know Alice Springs isn't some barren outback.  I know there are shops, restaurants, tourist attractions. There's even a K-Mart there.  But I expected it to look like the outback sprinkled with retail opportunities.  I had a certain image in my mind, and Double Trouble provided a different image.  Of course, it's a TV show.  It might not be completely accurate.  But I'm betting it's more accurate than what was in my imagination.  

Jack came in the office, so I had him watch the clip. He was surprised that Alice Springs looked that way too. I asked him how he expected it to look, and he said, the outback.  

I'm going to look at Google Maps, and see what the REAL Alice Springs looks like.  Maybe parts of it do look like what I imagined.

Oh!  How funny.  The first place I landed in was K-Mart!  It looks like a typical some ways.   But it does have a slight desert feel. There's lots of orange-red dirt/sand, and the sky looks like a desert sky.  It's very blue; hardly any clouds. Although I'm not an expert on deserts. I have no idea if deserts usually have cloudless skies. Maybe though. Clouds often mean rain, and deserts don't get a lot of rain.  Right?

This Street View here reminds me of someplace else.   I don't know. Maybe Los Angeles?  

Here's the Stuart Highway near Alice Springs. It looks like a sort-of desert and not a full on desert.   Maybe it's a semi-desert? Is that a real word?

I'm going to go and ask Lord Wiki for some information.....

He says the population of Alice Springs is about 27 thousand.  We have much more people in Fort Worth....727 thousand.  Although Alice Springs might get more tourists than we do.

Alice Springs DOES have a desert climate. But Lord Wiki says it's not as extreme (climately speaking) as Arizona and the Middle East. What about African deserts?  Are they not extreme?

Alice Springs could almost classify as a semi-arid climate. They get enough rainfall for that. BUT they have something called evapotranspiration.  I think that pretty much means that liquid evaporates quickly there.  

There are two thousand Americans living in Alice Springs.  I kind of wouldn't mind joining them. I find the idea of it intriguing.  Well, I'd at least like to visit someday.

There's a lot of lesbians in Alice. I've heard that before.

And 23% of the people are Aboriginal.

Then there's other people as well.

I wonder if any of the lesbians, Americans, Aboriginals, etc.  have twins they don't know about yet.    Yeah.  I wonder how often that has happened in real life. It's a good plot for TV shows and movies, though.