Monday, November 29, 2010

Victorian News

I've been busy with Thanksgiving, and haven't paid much attention to Australian politics.  I did briefly see a headline about a hung Victorian Parliament....or something like that.  I didn't even read the article. Now I'm done with Thanksgiving, and ready to get back to Australia stuff.

Someone emailed me this morning about my blog, and they mentioned that Victoria now has a Liberal leader instead of a Labor one.  Brumby is out, and Baillieu is in. Brumby is easier to spell.    I'll tell you that.

I didn't know the new Liberal Premier was Baillieu until I looked at my Statcounter. My most popular post these days is Kate Baillieu.  I went googling to see what was up with that, and then I got the Ted Baillieu news.  

He's related to Baillieu in some way.  By blood? Marriage? I can't remember. I'll have to go and read my old post to see.   Maybe they're siblings?

I kind of remember Kate B. not being in support of Ted B.  

I'll also check that when reading my post.

Hold on.....

Wait.  I just realized I accidentally lied.  I hate when I do that. I went to close my Facebook page, and saw they had the article I just linked to above. 

I think what really happened is I saw the Kate Baillieu post dominating my Statcounter.   I was vaguely curious to find out why, but too lazy to actually look it up.  Then I moved over to Facebook.   I saw the Ted Baillieu news there, and then made the connection, in my head, regarding Kate Baillieu.


Now I'm reading my old post.  Kate and Ted are siblings. And I was right. She doesn't publicly endorse her brother.

I can really relate to having different politics than family members. We're a mix, but I'd have to guess that the Republicans dominate the rest of us.  There's more of them, AND some of them are extremely vocal about their views.  

Our core family group has eight adults.  With that group, my side wins out by numbers.  Four of us are on the left.  Plus, Jack is fairly politically aware for his age, so he's on the left as well. I guess you could say there's five of us.  

My dad is pretty much in the middle. He tends to support the right AND the left. He's not a dogmatic supporter of either side.

My mom, sister, and and my sister's husband are on the right. My mom and brother-in-law are VERY much on the right.

Then this weekend, we had my cousin and her husband, plus family friends. They're all on the right as well.  My cousin's husband is VERY vocal about his views.  

I love all my family members. I try to respect them despite their hard-to-love views, as they try to respect me.   But if they ran for office, I would not endorse them. And I wouldn't vote for them.   I think it's ridiculous to vote for someone simply because you're related to them.