Friday, November 12, 2010

We Didn't See Rick Springfield

Rick Springfield was at Epcot yesterday for the Food and Wine festival.  He's Australian. So, there you go.

We didn't see him though.

And when we ate yummy ice-cream treats at The Dolphin hotel,  I went to the bathroom, and these women outside my toilet stall mentioned Australia.  They seemed a bit disgruntled,  but probably not about Australia.   I got the sense that they were talking about something kid/education related. I thought maybe they were from the NAEYC (National Association For the Education of Young Children), because at the airport I saw a sign regarding them. 

Actually....this is weird.   I'm looking at the NAEYC website, and they say that NEXT year's conference is going to be in Orlando.   This year's conference was in California.  What was I seeing in the airport then? Maybe I time-traveled!

Last night this family was wild and they ran into me with their stroller. I was in a happy over-tolerant mood, so I didn't mind. I thought they were cute and fun.  And I didn't even fault them when I joked around with the dad for hitting me (kind of waiting for an apology).   Instead of apologizing, he bragged about how they'd been out at the parks from opening until closing.  Wow.What an accomplishment.  Then the little daughter fell down, hurt her ankle, and started crying. The father showed not one ounce of sympathy, and insisted she wasn't hurt. 

Yeah.  Some kids are drama queens.  I understand that. But even drama queens get real injuries sometimes.'s nice to check the injured before making assumptions. Anyway, that snapped me back to reality.  I no longer saw this family as being cute and rambunctious. I saw them (or at least the father) as being rude, careless, and insensitive.   

Our family though.....

We have our own weaknesses. We're terrible at keeping the promises we make for ourselves.    Every time we go to Disney World, we torture ourselves with the Animal Kingdom Park, and then vow not to return again next year.  That's what we did this afternoon.