Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Diprotodon Synchronocity

Last night, I was looking at Instagram, and I saw a photo from the Australia Museum's account. They had a post about their stuffed Diprotodon.

I thought it was a bit of a coincidence, because....

Earlier in the evening (or afternoon), Tim was washing dishes. He started talking about the photo mug we have, and how it's completely faded away because we'd put in the dishwasher. The photo on the mug? Jack with the Diprotodon.

I didn't think it was strange that Tim brought this up, but it seemed strange after I saw the post on the Australia Museum's account. Then I started wondering, why did he suddenly bring it up like that?

This morning I started rationalizing. Well, Tim was washing dishes which included mugs. So it probably came to his mind. But then I argued with myself. But we wash dishes EVERY day. We use lots of mugs. There are plenty of days that we could have talked about the faded mug.

Why did we talk about the mug the same day that the Australia Museum posted their photo of the Diprotodon?

I'm always big on synchronicity. But lately it's even more on my mind, because I've been watching the TV show Touch which is all about numbers and synchronocity.  It's pretty cool.

On the show, the coincidences and/or numbers end up meaning something huge. In my life, they usually end up leading me to...nowhere.