Sunday, April 22, 2018

Nightly Slideshow in Sydney

Last night, and a night or two ago, I dreamed that Sydney has a slideshow every night.

In last night's dream: I'm talking to Jack and Laura, my almost-Australian-cousin, about the Sydney slideshow. It is now available to watch on iPhone, and this is how I watched a recent one. 

Laura asks me how it was. I tell her it probably wasn't as good as the one she watches on a big screen at her house.  

At some point in the conversation, Laura starts talking fluent French. Jack says something to show he can identify what language she's speaking. Laura seems impressed by this and amused at herself for speaking French. She acts like she just launchd into French accidentally, but I get the idea that she actually did it on purpose.  

We soon get an English translation of what she said. She wants to go on a major caffeine splurge which includes a giant soda.

In the other dream, it wasn't just a slideshow, but there were nightly fireworks as well.

I think the dreams were inspired by Disney World.

I've been cleaning up my huge photo folder that I used for my screensaver. There are a lot of photos of both Disney World and Australia. So my brain probably combined the two subjects.

I have recurring dreams about certain tourism things—a) an interactive Harry Potter attraction b) A park with shops c) a cruise port with replications of European cities.

I'm wondering if this Sydney slideshow will be added to the list.