Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Flame Trees

I saw Kat Stewart on my episode of The Secret Life of Us.  She had a brief bit as a guest star.  I decided to write a post about her. But just as I was about to begin, my Spotify play list played "Flame Trees". It wasn't the Jimmy Barnes version. (Though I heard that the last time I listened to Spotify. I listen to the songs in alphabetical order). It was the Sacred Heart School version. It's children singing, and I'm pretty sure it's the version in Little Fish.

Anyway, do you listen to a particular song, and for some reason, at that moment, you love it intensely and want to keep listening to it?

That's what happened to me just now when I heard "Flame Trees". I've always liked the song a lot, but right now I'm really loving it.

So I decided I'll write a post about the song instead of Kat Stewart. I'll write about her another day. Maybe tomorrow.

A part of me is worried I already wrote about the song, and I'm repeating myself.

I searched through my blog and saw there are posts where it's mentioned. I didn't dig deep. They were long posts. I skimmed through the first and saw that I briefly mentioned wanting to learn the lyrics.

Maybe I should look again.

I'll feel stupid looking into the song if I've already done it before.

Okay. I'm looking. Apparently in January 2011, it was my favorite song and I listened to it every night.

Then I listened to a cover of the song. Shit. That's what I had been planning to do for this post...look at covers.

I just clicked on the link to the account of the cover I listened to. It's gone! What has happened to Jamezheart?  I hope he's okay. Maybe he just changed the name of his account. It's probably because of the crap thing that happened with Google Plus and YouTube.  It was such a pain. They pressured me to combine my Google Plus account with my YouTube account. So instead of Thirtycats on YouTube, I'd be Dina Roberts.  Fine. The problem is my videos wouldn't transfer to the new account. I want my videos on my account. So I kept my Thirtycats account as my main account, and they made me create a new Google Plus account for Thirtycats. It's so ridiculous.

But yeah. I'm guessing that's what happened to Jamezheart. He's probably still there somewhere, but a victim of the Google Plus thing.

Well, I went through my other posts in which I mentioned "Flame Trees".  Mostly it was about me liking the song and wanting to learn the lyrics. I'm not sure if I ever accomplished that. If I did, by now I've forgotten the lyrics.

I might try to find more covers, though. That's fun sometimes. I like to imagine there's some wonderful singer out there who no one has discovered, and I'll be one of the first to notice them.

Here's one by a group called 3 to Tango. They've only had 190 views. Is their obscurity deserved, or not deserved?

It reminds me of the kind of singing you'd hear at a wedding or a restaurant.

I might be saying this because the video actually takes place at a restaurant...or some type of catered event.

She left out the shit...just said bull. This in itself might be a fun activity. We can see, when people do their cover versions, how do they handle the bullshit line?

Here's another video with a low view count. Jazmine Jayne's version has 124 views.

Oh! I think she's adorable. She reminds me of Cristin Milloti...who I'm still kind of mad at for lying about How I Met Your Mother.

Jazmine Jayne says bullshit. And I love how she says it.

Jazmine Jayne is awesome. Her singing might not be perfect, but I think it's quite good. And she has so much wonderful spirit.

Here's a video of her talking. She's very thankful to people who watch her videos. I can relate to that. I'm thankful to anyone who watches my video or reads my blogs...all that stuff.

Jazmine Jayne has a ton of covers of songs that I like. Maybe one day I should do a post on just her.

But for now, I should get back to "Flame Trees".

Here's one by Mardy Leith. I wonder if he's related to Damien Leith. It's not the best recording. I think he's a decent singer, but the place where he's performing is loud. It kind of sounds like he's trying to shout his singing so people can hear him. And I think he's nervous. I know that nerves can really effect your singing.

It's like when I did the audition at Disney World. I failed and took it to mean I'm a bad singer. Looking back I think the truth is I'm a bad singer when I'm nervous. I'm a much better singer when I'm feeling comfortable and confident.

Craig Fowler sings the song with his ukulele. It's pretty cool.

He says bullshit.

I forgot to pay attention with Mardy Leith, but I'm betting he said bullshit too.

Well, I was going to find more covers. But then I realized I'm a bit tired of it. For now.

I'm going to bookmark Jazmine Jayne though. I want to get back to her.