Saturday, August 16, 2014

Holly Throsby on Offspring

I was listening to Holly Throsby's "Now I Love Someone" and I thought for sure it was from Offspring. But I can't find anything to verify that.

It could be the song was on the show and it just so happens no one on the Internet has mentioned that fact. Or maybe it wasn't on the show, but I listened to it after watching the show. So when I hear the song, I think of Offspring.

Either way....It totally sounds like a song that belongs on Offspring.

Someone on YouTube says Holly Throsby's "What I Thought of You" is on Offspring. Maybe I confused the two songs.

And while looking for Offspring music, I was pointed in the direction of "1000 Sundowns" by Emma Louise. It's a beautiful melancholy song.

Oh shit. I just Googled for more information. It's the funeral song. Now I might have to cry.

Though the info I originally found was from 2011, and they said it was used at the end of season two—Nina and Patrick sitting on a bench together.  It's smart to reuse music like that. I think it pulls on our emotions more. Associations and all that.