Friday, August 15, 2014

Jai Courtney

Today I'm going to write about an actor from the movie Divergent. Jay Courtney. He played Eric, who is not very nice.

I've read two of the books in the series, so I should know if Eric is evil-mean or tough-love-mean. But my memory is not serving me well. I can't remember what happens in the second book. I'm actually having doubts that I read the second book, because I remember so little of it.

No... I vaguely remember a few things. And I think I remember the conclusion of the second book. So I'm pretty sure I read it.

I thought the movie itself was fairly decent. It got mediocre reviews, so my expectations were low. And I was a little bored during the movie—did a lot of playing on my phone while watching.

There were some confusing bits. For example, one character dies in the middle of the movie. Then towards the end, I saw him and he was re-killed. I asked Tim what was going on, and he too thought the character had already died. I did some Googling and found out they were two separate people. I don't know what happened there?  Are Tim and I both failures when it comes to facial recognition? Did the producers hire two actors that look too much alike?

I don't know.

But I was just thinking again about the movie, and now I realize my paragraph above is stupid. I'm pretty sure that Eric is evil-mean, judging by his actions towards the end of the film. I think the problem is I probably didn't pay good enough attention...because I was too busy playing with my phone. So I forgot the end stuff. But now I'm remembering.

Yeah. I don't think he's tough-love mean.

I better get on with the actor stuff.

I'll look on IMDb.

Jai Courtney was born March 15, 1986. He's 28 now.

The IMDb biography page says that Courtney is 6' 1". Or in metric language: 1.85 metres. I think that's fairly tall.

He was born in Sydney.

He was good friends with Andy Whitfield. I'm not sure who that is. Is it the guy from Fast and Furious? 

Let me check....

Nope. Whitfield is a British actor who was in some Australian television shows. He died of cancer, unfortunately. looks like he was best known for an Australian horror film called Gabriel. It sounds vaguely familiar to me.

Anyway, I should get back to Jai Courtney. I'm so easily sidetracked.

There's some quotes on the IMDb biography page that give insight.

He likes sports and other outdoor activities. He has a short attention span when it comes to work out routines. I'm thinking this means he needs variety. From what I've heard, having variety is better for your body as well.

He was a show off at school and liked playing dress-up. That's sweet.

I like this quote. I was always realistic about the fact I wanted to be involved with big films. Well, I like it if I'm understanding it correctly. What I think he's saying is the he's brave enough to admit he has big dreams.

I'm a bit tired of people and their modest dreams. I never wanted to be a huge star. I just wanted to act. I love acting. 

What's wrong with dreaming big?

I've been thinking about my own dreams lately—trying to figure out what I'd want if I could have anything I wanted. It's not like I have strong expectations that my dreams will come true. But I don't think it hurts to have a sliver of hope.

Anyway, my dream is to a) have about 300-500 visitors a day on my blog. b) Have my novel turned into a TV show or popular comic book. I think it would be so incredibly cool to see my characters and story as a television program. Movie? I wouldn't complain. But I'm more of a TV fan. So that would be better. And I'd want to make a ton of money so we could afford many trips to Australia and Disney World.

What is your big dream? Do you have one?

I like this quote too. When you're working with people you've seen in hundreds of films... it's a bit crazy to step outside yourself for a minute and think, 'This is surreal.' But I try not to get too bogged down in that.

Like Courtney, I would try. But I would certainly fail. I would get majorly bogged down in it all.

Last thing on the biography page: His dad is an electrician and his mom's a school teacher.

Now I'm going to look at his filmography.

In 2005, Jai Courtney was in a short film called Boys Grammar. I checked to see if it's on YouTube. It looks like it is. There's a warning on it. It's inappropriate for some users. Am I about to see naked people?

So far, there are men in Speedos. A guy is diving, which reminds me of Guy Pearce diving on Neighbours. Which makes me miss Neighbours.

Now there's naked a locker room.

The movie's about bullying. A student is being bullied in the locker room because the other kids saw that he has a book with photos of naked men.

It IS a very disturbing movies. I mean it's quite graphic—not in terms of nakedness, but the abuse parts are pretty awful. The warning was probably a good idea.

I don't know which character is played by Courtney.

Well...IMDb says his character is named Alex. That's not the kid being bullied, so I guess he's one of the bullies.

That was a powerful ending. I'm not sure I fully understand it, though.

Three years after the short film, Courtney was in two episodes of All Saints.  He appeared in the season before the last, which I think is the season I watched.

Then a short time later, Courtney did two episodes of Packed to the Rafters. It was in the first season, so I would have seen him. He played Damien.

Someone uploaded a part of the episode that he's in. He's a real estate agent. He's in a scene with that girl who ended up being a thief.

I'm going to jump ahead to 2010. This is when he did the project in which he became friends with Andy Whitfield. It's called Spartacus: War of the Damned. It was an American show filmed in New Zealand. Whitfield played the title character. Courtney played someone named Varro.

Lord Wiki's cousin says that Varro was a gladiator on the show. He was kind and friendly, and he was a gladiator by choice. He did the arena-fighting to pay off some gambling debts.

Lord Wiki's cousin is a bit sick. He has a picture of Varro getting his death-stab, and he repeats the image over and over.

Poor Varro.

It looks like 2012 was the year Jai Courtney got his wish of being in a big movie. Jack Reacher. That's a big movie, isn't it?

Courtney played Charlie. Was that a big role or small one? Or maybe medium?

One of Lord Wiki's other cousins says that Charlie is a villain. He shoots people and hangs out in dark alleys. Yikes.

In 2013, Courtney was in the movie he's probably most famous for. A Good Day to Die Hard. I wonder if Tim has seen that. I would think he has. He watches a lot of action films. But yesterday when we were watching Divergent, he didn't say anything like Who's that guy? He looks so familiar. We usually both say that a lot.

In the Die Hard movie, Courtney plays the son of Bruce Willis. He's a CIA agent and there's a nuclear weapon threat of some sort. I bet father and son win in the end.

Lord Wiki says the movie was NOT critically acclaimed.

So Courtney got his big movie, and it wasn't loved by important people.

That makes me think. What if my novel was turned into a TV show and it got horrible reviews? Would that be better or worse than no TV show?

I guess it depends. If it got a lot of horrible reviews, but had a few loyal fans, I think that would be cool. If almost everyone hated it, maybe it would be better to just have no TV show.

In 2013, Courtney also did an Aussie movie called Felony.

Holy shit! I saw the writer's name and it looked familiar to me. Joel Edgerton. I clicked on him and saw he's an actor too. Guess what he's from! Will on The Secret Life of Us! Will is making movies! That's nice, because today I saw him running on a beach with a kite that declared his love for his dead girlfriend. He then was on the sand crying hysterically. Heartbreaking stuff.

I'm looking at the cast. Edgerton acts in the movie as well. And Melissa George is one of the stars. Anyone else I recognize?

Well, I recognized Tom Wilkinson's name, but I don't know how I know of him. His filmography is super long.

Courtney was one of the stars of I, Frankenstein.  Is that the movie that got really bad reviews?

Yep. It has a 4% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. That's definitely bad.

Not everyone hated it though. Ben Sachs from Chicago says, This novel premise quickly gives way to lots of chaotic action, though there are numerous incidental pleasures throughout.  

I'm not a big fan of chaotic action, so I probably wouldn't like the movie.

It looks like Divergent is Courtney's most recent movie we can watch. Then there are some upcoming movies, including the sequel to Divergent.

We also have a Gallipoli movie, which has a few names I recognize. One of them is Dan Wylie from Love My Way.

Courtney's going to star in a movie directed by Angelina Jolie and written by the Cohen brothers. That sounds very impressive.

Then he's also in this small little project called Terminator: Genisy's.

I had no idea they were making another Terminator movie. And Arnold's in it. Wow.

Courtney is playing someone named Kyle Reese. I wonder if Reese is good or bad.

Lord Wiki says Reese is the father of John Connor and the love interest of Sarah Connor. He's been in the other movies, but not played by Courtney.

When the first Terminator movie came out, Courtney wasn't even born yet. He was just a twinkle in his mommy's eye.

This post is already getting way too long, so I'll probably skip my visit to Lord Wiki. Since Jai Courtney's wish of big movies came true, he has a hefty presence on the Internet. So I think I can find enough goodies without Lord Wiki's help.

I think I'll watch stuff on YouTube— mostly trailers, probably.

I watched a trailer for Jack Reacher. I don't think I saw Jai Courtney. There was a bald guy that might have been him. I'm not sure. Tom Cruise pretty much took all the attention in the trailer.

The movie looks really cheesy to me.

Someone has uploaded a fight scene between Cruise and Courtney. Exciting.

Now I'll watch the trailer for A Good Day to Die Hard.

I like that trailer a little more than the Jack Reacher one.

I'm wondering if the earlier movies mentioned Bruce Willis having a son. Or did he just appear out of nowhere?

Courtney would have been about two-years old when the first movie came out. It's fun to imagine. You leave your toddler with a babysitter to see some action movie. Then a couple of decades later, your child is starring in a sequel to the movie.

Not that I know for sure that, Courtney's parents left him with a sitter to see that particular movie. But it COULD have happened.

Instead of watching a trailer for I, Frankenstein, I'm going to watch this interview.

Courtney plays a soldier of some sort. A loyal soldier. He says the movie has a lot of fighting.

Here's a trailer for The Water Diviner, the Gallipoli movie.

No. That's NOT the trailer for the movie. What the hell is it?

Here's a six-minute featurette about the movie.

I think the narrator of the featurette is Russell Crowe. He's the star of the movie.

Oh. Russell Crowe is the director of the film. And he acts in it.

Jai Courtney comes onto the video at 5:15.

Here's the trailer for Unbroken.

It's like a sports movie, and then it turns into a Life of Pi type thing.

Wait. No. He's not on the raft for long. He ends up as a prisoner in a Japanese war camp. That's not good.

Bill Weasley is in the movie! He's one of the stars.

I'm not sure if I saw Jai Courtney.

Here's the trailer for Felony. I see Joel Edgerton right away.

Now I see Courtney. He appears starting at :48. The movie is about a police officer who hits a child while driving. His crime is being kept secret, but he wants to come forward. So he's done a bad thing...accidentally, but he himself is maybe not that bad.

It looks good, but I don't usually watch very serious movies. I think Tim would like it a lot.

This post is really long. I was going to look at interviews and stuff, but I should probably quit before this turns into a novel.

But maybe I'll write a sequel someday.