Thursday, August 14, 2014

Marzipan the Cat

I was browsing through the labels on Kitchen Hand's blog when I saw she has a post about Golden Gaytimes.

Of course I had to read that one.

Kitchen Hand talks about her family going to the Astor theatre. Some members of her family ate Golden Gaytimes. Others ate Choc Tops. I had no idea what Choc Tops were. But now I do. They're chocolate dipped ice-cream cones. It's not a food that's new to me. We have them here in America. We don't call them Choc Tops. What do we call them? I don't know really. Maybe just dipped ice-cream cones?  We get them from the ice-cream man. I can't think of anywhere else they're available. So yeah. I think they're an ice-cream man food here.

Tonight I learned that in Australia, it's a movie theatre food.

The other thing I learned from Kitchen Hand is that the Astor theatre had a cat.At the movie theatre, Kitchen Hand and her daughter sat on opposite sides of the cat. I love imagining that. And I love the idea of a movie theatre cat.

I Googled to learn more, and saw that Marzipan, the theatre cat, died in 2013. She lived a long full life full of love, but I'm still sad to hear she's gone.

The Astor Theatre blog has the story of Marzipan. Apparently she ran across a banister during a showing of Poltergeist. I wonder which scene.

Here's an obituary article about Marzipan.  It says sometimes she'd sleep in patrons' lap. That is so incredibly sweet. If I went to a movie there, the whole time I'd be wishing for Marzipan to sit on my lap. I probably wouldn't pay attention to the movie.

I just looked at the date of the article. I think Marzipan died when we were in Australia. I don't know why I feel the need to mention that. I'm sure a lot of animals died when we were in Australia.

Here's a picture of Marzipan on Flickr.

I guess this picture is of Marzipan on one of the theatre seats. They look fancy and comfortable.

I don't know. I think there's something warm and special about a cat at a movie theatre. Maybe it's just nice to watch a movie with a cat nearby. Our cat Max sits on the couch with us when we watch TV at night. It's all very cozy.

Now I'm on the Astor Theatre website. I was curious about what movies are showing lately. Tonight there's a double feature—The Neverending Story and The Princess Bride.

It looks like a really fun place. I wish we had went.  Well, no...not really. Marzipan would have been recently deceased, and that would have been sad. I bet the theater had an aura of melancholy that week.

I guess what I wish is that we went to Melbourne back when Marzipan was alive, and that we managed to make our way to the theatre.

I wonder. Would we have eaten Choc Tops or Golden Gaytimes?