Thursday, August 14, 2014

Marzipan the Cat

I was browsing through the labels on Kitchen Hand's blog when I saw she has a post about Golden Gaytimes.

Of course I had to read that one.

Kitchen Hand talks about her family going to the Astor theatre. Some members of her family ate Golden Gaytimes. Others ate Choc Tops. I had no idea what Choc Tops were. But now I do. They're chocolate dipped ice-cream cones. It's not a food that's new to me. We have them here in America. We don't call them Choc Tops. What do we call them? I don't know really. Maybe just dipped ice-cream cones?  We get them from the ice-cream man. I can't think of anywhere else they're available. So yeah. I think they're an ice-cream man food here.

Tonight I learned that in Australia, it's a movie theatre food.

The other thing I learned from Kitchen Hand is that the Astor theatre had a cat.At the movie theatre, Kitchen Hand and her daughter sat on opposite sides of the cat. I love imagining that. And I love the idea of a movie theatre cat.

I Googled to learn more, and saw that Marzipan, the theatre cat, died in 2013. She lived a long full life full of love, but I'm still sad to hear she's gone.

The Astor Theatre blog has the story of Marzipan. Apparently she ran across a banister during a showing of Poltergeist. I wonder which scene.

Here's an obituary article about Marzipan.  It says sometimes she'd sleep in patrons' lap. That is so incredibly sweet. If I went to a movie there, the whole time I'd be wishing for Marzipan to sit on my lap. I probably wouldn't pay attention to the movie.

I just looked at the date of the article. I think Marzipan died when we were in Australia. I don't know why I feel the need to mention that. I'm sure a lot of animals died when we were in Australia.

Here's a picture of Marzipan on Flickr.

I guess this picture is of Marzipan on one of the theatre seats. They look fancy and comfortable.

I don't know. I think there's something warm and special about a cat at a movie theatre. Maybe it's just nice to watch a movie with a cat nearby. Our cat Max sits on the couch with us when we watch TV at night. It's all very cozy.

Now I'm on the Astor Theatre website. I was curious about what movies are showing lately. Tonight there's a double feature—The Neverending Story and The Princess Bride.

It looks like a really fun place. I wish we had went.  Well, no...not really. Marzipan would have been recently deceased, and that would have been sad. I bet the theater had an aura of melancholy that week.

I guess what I wish is that we went to Melbourne back when Marzipan was alive, and that we managed to make our way to the theatre.

I wonder. Would we have eaten Choc Tops or Golden Gaytimes?


Jayne said...

Poor Marzipan. She sat on my friend's lap during a movie once. I wasn't with him at the time and I never had the honor to have her sit on my lap. A pat is the closest I ever got.

I love the idea of theatre cat too - and shop cats.

The Astor is an awesome old cinema. I love going there.

Andrew said...

I once saw her sitting on a window ledge of the theatre. I think she died after you were here, late 2013.

It is hard to talk about Golden Gaytimes without sniggering. I didn't think they were still around, but if they are, the Astor would sell them.

If I don't have wine at the theatre or a movie, I will always have a Mint Choc Top. I had one last week at The King and I.

The Astor's recent history has been very turbulent, if you care to research, but it is treasured.

Dina said...

Jayne: The Astor theatre really does wonderful. I'm sorry you were never blessed with a lap visit. A pat is nice though. Maybe Marzipan will be reincarnated into a new cat and he or she will hang out at the theatre. And sit in your lap. And mine too...someday.

Andrew: Golden Gaytimes are still around. I think they're sold at the places the sell Streets ice-cream. Or at least they were there the first time we went to Australia. I can't remember if we saw them the last time.

I'm trying to figure out whether I snigger when I talk about them. Maybe.

Which King and I did you see? Was it the old one? At the Astor? Do you go there often?

What's going on at the Astor? I'll Google....

Jason Ward said...

in the late 1990's and early 2000's when I lived in StKilda East I went to the Astor quite a few times. It was always a wonderful night out and it was like stepping back in time to an era when going to the cinema was an event.

The theatre has been restored to look like it did in the 1930s and they show lots of old movies. I saw quite a few old Alfred Hitchcock movies there.

I remember Marzipan too. She would just walk around the theatre and would never be phased by the crowds of movie goers.

Golden gay times are still around. You can buy them everywhere. The old TV commercials for them were hilarious back in the 1980's.

They would play on the double meaning of the name. The slogan was "It's so hard to have a daytime on your own" LOL

Dina said...


I'm so glad you have a photo now! I like seeing see.

The Astor sounds wonderful.

I wish I ate more Golden Gaytimes. I think I've had only one or two in my life. It's just there's so many different ice-creams to choose from. And other desserts.

I may have seen some Golden Gaytime commercials, but I'm going to look at YouTube and see if I can watch one again.