Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Motor Ace

When I first started watching The Secret Life of Us, I didn't like the theme song. But now...weeks later. The song has grown on me.

I wanted to find out who sings it.

The answer: Motor Ace. And the song title is "Death Defy".

Someone has uploaded the song to YouTube.

Now I'm kind of loving the song.

I just added it to my Spotify Aussie list.

Lord Wiki says Motor Ace is no more. They're past tense. They were present tense from 1998-2005.

They were from Melbourne.

They still might be there. They're just not singing together anymore.

The lead singer, Patrick Robertson is now working on soundtracks. He went to a school called AFTRS and got himself a degree in screen composition. I think that's really cool. I love TV and movie scores. I mean I don't love all of them. But I love a lot of them.

Since Robertson is into soundtracks, I imagine maybe he's pleased with the fact that one of his band's songs is the theme song for a well-loved Aussie TV show.

Lord Wiki says one of the reasons Motor Ace ended is the work got tiring, which might have been extra hard for Robertson because he has Crohn's Disease.

From this article, it seems Robertson was NOT pleased about their song being on The Secret Life of Us. He says people have judged them harshly for it. Really?

Okay. I just read more.

There's the idea of selling out.

I guess if they don't like Australian television, that's selling out. Or if they specifically didn't like The Secret Life of Us.

I don't like reality TV. So if I took up an offer to be on a reality TV show, I'd be selling out. But my sister's family likes reality TV. If they were offered a part on a show, I don't think they'd be selling out.

If I'm understanding the article right, the band had all these problems in 2003. The band was doing well, but Robertson was not. He was not doing well with the performance side of things. Then I guess Robertson quit temporarily? And it seems there was animosity from the rest of Motor Ace about that. Then in 2005, the band tried to get back together.

I guess that didn't work out.

I can kind of have sympathy for all of them. I probably feel worse for Robertson...not feeling well and being exhausted from the work. But I can imagine being in a band. It's going well and you want it to continue. But then one person is slowing things down. I hope though that they were sympathetic about Robertson's illness.

I'm going to listen to another Motor Ace song before I end this post. Lord Wiki says "Carry On" was very popular. It was #1 on the ARIA charts. According to the article I read before, it also led to another case of Motor Ace being accused of selling out. It was used in a commercial for the newspaper The Australian.

Yesterday, Tim and I started watching Bates Motel. Patrick Robertson reminds me a little bit of Freddie Highmore, the star of that show.