Thursday, August 21, 2014

My Early Opinion On Wilfred

When I used to pick my next Aussie TV show on Hulu, I thought of being really strict with myself. No matter what, I'd watch a full season of the show. Then I decided, that's being silly. Why waste a lot of time watching a show I don't like?

So then I thought, I'll watch the show for three days. That will give me time to decide if it's something I can grow to love or at least like a lot. The rule makes sense to me, because it usually takes time for me to become attached to a show. I can't tell with the first episode.

But now I'm questioning my plan. I just started watching Wilfred. I've seen four minutes of it and I hate it so far.  I don't get it! I think it will be torture just getting through the next 20 minutes. But I'm going to do it.

You know I've seen clips of the show back when I was researching someone or something. I think I didn't like it then either. But a few days ago I figured....well, maybe if I start from the beginning, it won't be so bad.

I don't understand what's going on. A man goes to his girlfriend's house. Or his date's house. There's a man in a dog's costume. She showers him with attention. Then she walks out. Then the man has a conversation with the dog-man, while the dog smokes pot. Well, he uses a bong. If you use a bong with pot, is that still smoking it?

Anyway, I'm struggling to understand it. Is the woman nuts? Does she have a man dressed as a dog living with her? And her date humors them both...because he wants to get laid?

OR are we supposed to imagine the dog-man is a real dog? But then if he's a real dog...well, he's talking. Is he really talking or is the man imagining it?  

If the dog is really talking and he's not imagining it, does the dog's female owner hear him talking too?

But then no one is saying, Holy shit! Your dog is talking!

It's just taken for granted that the dog can talk. And he looks like a man and he does drugs.

Well, I'm going to force myself to watch the rest of the episode. If I continue to hate it, I'm going to change my rule about having to watch three episodes. If my hate is upgraded to simple dislike, maybe I'll try a few more episodes.

Who knows. I could end up loving the show.

But I doubt it.