Monday, August 11, 2014

Robin Williams

I'm very sad about Robin Williams, and worried that he committed suicide because he didn't feel loved enough. I mean by his fans.

On Twitter, almost everyone is talking about Robin Williams. But when I search Robin Williams and just look at the Tweets of people I'm following, until a few hours ago...Well, it had been months since Robin Williams was mentioned.

I don't think it's a matter of people not liking Robin Williams and now that he's dead, we all suddenly love him.

But I think maybe a lot of us forgot about him.

I don't think it's because we're shallow or that he lost his worth.

I think there's just so many people out there—so much talent and so much entertainment content.

People on Twitter are helping me remember that some of my old favorite movies are Robin Williams movies. Probably the two I loved the most were Hook and The Fisher King. In the 1990's I watched those movies repeatedly. I haven't watched them recently, and they're not often on my mind.

But it's just really...there's too much stuff. I think we forget.

For example....

Today in the shower I was thinking of other biography posts I'd like to do, and I suddenly remembered Dance Academy actors. It's not like I had totally forgotten the show. I mentioned it in passing a few days ago. But I forgot how much I loved the show.  My love for the show was replaced in my heart with other shows. Just temporarily, though. Once I remembered, I gushed...silently.

I'm glad I remembered my love for the show.

I don't know why Robin Williams committed suicide. I don't know why he was depressed and whether it had anything to do with not feeling appreciated enough.  Because A) He might have felt appreciated enough and B) it might not have mattered to him.

But it makes ME feel very sad and regretful that we weren't showing more appreciation before hearing about his death. And it makes me wonder what else we're neglecting. Forgetting. What did I use to love and think about a lot that I'm rarely thinking about now?

We can't appreciate everything and everyone before they're gone...because we might not have liked them much in the first place. But we should try to remember to appreciate that which we do love.

I guess I feel a lot of us took Robin Williams for granted.