Monday, August 4, 2014

Sibylla Budd

When I first saw Gabrielle on The Secret Life of Us, I thought she was played by Anna Torv. Well, because I knew Torv was on the show, and Gabrielle sort of looked like her.

I guess by the second episode I knew it wasn't her, probably when I paid more attention to the opening credits.

According to IMDb, Anna Torv doesn't appear until 2004. I guess that's the last season.  I remember hearing that the show loses a lot of its main cast in the end.  

Anyway...Gabrielle is probably my second favorite female character on the show. Well, actually she's probably my second favorite character, period. I think I prefer the females on the show to the men.  

I could actually imagine myself having a girl crush on Gabrielle. Though it hasn't happened yet.  

In the meantime, I wanted to find out more about the actress who plays her. 

Sibylla. Interesting name. I don't think I've heard of it before.

She was born in Canberra. IMDb doesn't provide a year. 

How about Lord Wiki?  

Nope. He doesn't know her age either.

How mysterious!

I want to look up her name.  

The novel My Brilliant Career has the name spelled differently. Sybylla.  I think I read the novel, so then I'd be wrong about not seeing the name before.

Lord Wiki says Sibylla was the Queen of Jerusalem. Despite being in Jerusalem, this Sibylla was neither Jewish or Palestinian. She was part of the Franks, which were a Germanic tribe.

Sibylla is also the name of a fast food restaurant in Finland and Sweden.

Back to Sibylla the Australian actress.

Her first screen role, according to IMDb, was a part in a TV series called Something in the Air. Eric Bana was one of the stars. Sibylla Budd had a part in the 59th episode. That was in 2000.

She was on The Secret Life of Us from 2001-2003.  With sixty-six episodes, this seems to be her most substantial role. But she's also done several episodes of All Saints, Sea Patrol, Canal Road, and Winners and Losers.

I'm going to seek out more information about her time on All Saints, since I watched some of that.

Budd was on thirteen episodes from 2005-2006. Her character was named Deanna Richardson.

This Aussie television website says Deanna Richardson wasn't a very nice girl.

I like what Budd says in the article. She talks about how she finds her own negative emotions, and then magnifies them to play the character.  I want to succeed in life, and that's what Deanna wants but just 10 times more, and she will stop at nothing to get what she wants, so I try to take that tiny seed of what I have and exploit it in her.

I do that with my writing sometimes. If you base the villains somewhat off of yourself, then they hopefully end up being less one-dimensional. We all have a dark side, so you just have to be brave enough to reach out to it.

Here's a video interview with Budd regarding a show called It's a Date.  There're a few actors I recognize in the cast list—Asher Keddie, Pia Miranda, Dan Wylie, and Kate Ritchie.

I'm watching the video now. Sibylla Budd is very smiley! She looks very happy.

It's a bit hard to hear the interview. There's a ton of background noise.

Are they saying Ralph Fiennes? I'm lost.

Sibylla Budd is very cute.

From what Lord Wiki is telling me, It's a Date is one of those shows where each episode has different stars.  I'm saying one of those shows, but now I can't really think of another show like that.

Oh! Never mind. I thought of one. The Twilight Zone. Also, shows like The Twilight Zone, such as The Outer Limits and Amazing Stories.

I can't think of any shows like that which aren't science fiction or fantasy. Can you?

Well, now at least we have It's a Date.

Sibylla Budd is in the second episode of the series.  One of her co-stars for the episode was Luke McGregor. Lord Wiki says he has a comedy show called My Soulmate is Out Of My League.  I like that title.

Lord Wiki says in their date storyline, Budd plays a woman who thinks she's going on a date with an African-American. But instead he turns out to be a guy with red hair. I'm guessing that's a caucasian with red hair and not a black guy with red hair.

When Lord Wiki says African-American does he mean the guy is literally American rather than Australian?

Sometimes I think people get confused about the term African-American and apply it to any black person, even if they are not American.

But maybe in this case, the guy is actually African-American. Although he's really not. He's a red-headed Australian. But maybe Sibylla Budd's character thinks he's African-American. I wonder why. Did he tell her that? Did he lie? Or did he say something to give her the wrong idea?

Well, I just looked on the official ABC website for It's a Date, and it's not just Lord Wiki calling the guy African-American.  ABC says the same thing. So I'm going to assume we're really talking African-American rather than African-Australian.

Anyway, I think this is it for me for now.

There's an unusual bird sound outside. I'm going to go investigate.