Monday, August 25, 2014

The Finale of True Blood (Spoiler Alert)

No, True Blood isn't an Australian show. But since one of it's stars is an Aussie, I'll use that as an excuse to talk about it on my blog.

Jason Stackhouse, Ryan Kwanten's character, didn't end up with Jessica the vampire. I would have rather he did, because I liked them together. Instead, Jessica ends up with her first boyfriend on the show, another human—Hoyt Fortenberry.

I did like Hoyt and Jessica together in the beginning. I thought their relationship was sweet and very romantic. But then things got ugly and they broke up. I lost interest in them as a couple. Now suddenly I'm supposed to be happy about them ending up together. It's like the Robin and Ted thing again. Yes, I liked Robin and Ted as a couple. Definitely. But then Barney came along and everything changed.

The whole finale of True Blood centered around Hoyt and Jessica's wedding. Vampire Bill is planning to suicide and his last wish is to see his vampire progeny (Jessica) married.  That would be sweet and all, except for the fact that the reason Bill gives for suiciding is he doesn't want Sookie Stackhouse, his human lover, to be stuck in a relationship with a vampire. He wants her to get married and have babies, all the human joys he had before becoming a vampire. So why is he pushing Jessica to marry a human? If it's important for Sookie to be in a human relationship, the type that makes breeding possible, then why is it okay to deny all that to Hoyt?  Hoyt was actually in a human relationship with a fairly nice girl from Alaska. Jessica helped break them up by coming to Hoyt and telling him about their past relationship. Hoyt had previously forgotten it all after requesting that he be glamoured (hypnotized) into forgetting.

Back to Bill. I don't mind him wanting to end his vampire life. And if I look at the story as a whole...if I think about it being about a woman who ultimately helps her vampire lover commit suicide, and all the love and turmoil they endured prior to that, I think it's kind of poetic. It's dark, but beautiful in a way.

It's just bullshit for the reasons he did it. Not only is it hypocritical, but foolish. Sookie Stackhouse is attracted to vampires...and werewolves. Has she ever dated a human on the show? I don't think so. Why does Bill assume she'll start once he's dead?

Why couldn't Bill just admit that as much as he loves Sookie, he's exhausted. He's tired of living. He misses his wife and children who died over a hundred years before. I don't think there's anything wrong with that. If a vampire wants to commit suicide, fine! But don't say you're doing it to make someone else's life easy and better.

As much as I'm complaining, I didn't mind the finale so much. Well, at least it was better than How I Met Your Mother.

I liked the epilogue at the end—where we see everyone in the future. Sookie is pregnant and there's the big question. Who's the daddy? But we never see him clearly. He's someone new.  I liked that choice. Keeping it open-ended. We should probably assume he's a human—that Bill's hypocritical wish for Sookie came true. But we actually don't have to believe that if we don't want to. He could be a werewolf or shifter. Or maybe he's another vampire, and Sookie finally realized she could just borrow some human sperm to make a baby.