Friday, August 8, 2014

The Season Finale of Offspring (SPOILER WARNING)

I'm writing this tonight but will post it tomorrow morning, since I've already posted too many posts.

I liked the season five finale, though, it felt almost more like a series finale. Well, I'm not sure I'm being clear, because in Australia they say series instead of season. Right? So what do they call the very last episode of a series?

Anyway, I liked the picture scene at the end...especially with Patrick. Though I'm less sad about his being dead, because I like Leo a lot. I was not a big fan of Thomas even before he was revealed to be an asshole. He was kind of boring to me. Leo is very sweet. I might like him even more than Patrick. But I still love Patrick and I'm still traumatized by his untimely death.

I was sad for Lawrence—that he wasn't in the photo. They let so many other people into the Proudman family. Couldn't they find a way to include him as well?

Baby Zoe is very cute. I liked that Billie decided to stay for her. Why does Mick need to be in London, anyway? Was he on tour? Did he cancel the tour? Or does he live there?

I liked the whole part about finding your anchor.

I hope Lawrence finds his anchor.

I'm still sad that he's been left out of the whole Proudman scene. You know. I'm more sad for him being left out of the photo than I am for him being dumped by Billie.

You know...when Leo and Nina were on the balcony at the hospital talking, I remembered back when Nina was talking to Dr. Chris Havel. I had this awful thought. What if they do a How I Met Your Mother thing and after all this time, they stick Nina with him. Not that he's bad. He's much nicer than Robin. Definitely. But I don't want to be told that after all this time—after Patrick and Leo—that Chris was her soulmate all along.

Now I'm Googling Offspring series 6 to see if what I just saw was a final finale thing.

Well, this article in the Sydney Morning Herald is making me think there's a good chance it IS over. But it's not definite yet.

And I think I agree with Charlotte Willis who says in her editorial, Offspring certainly feels finished. And I, for one, am content. 

Yeah. It was such a lovely ending. Why risk continuing?

The thing is, I can't imagine what I'd want to see next season. What other things can happen to the Proudman family without being repetitive? How many more medical disasters and heartbreaks can we have?

I think it probably is time to move on.