Monday, December 6, 2010

An Australia Addiction

Portsea must be stuck in my subconscious for some reason. Yesterday morning it randomly popped into my head.  Last night it was in my dreams.

I somehow hear/read that there's a community in Portsea, or near Portsea, that doesn't allow visitors.  And it gets rid of either it's youth or elderly (I forgot which one). I write about it in my blog and say I think it's creepy. Then I worry about offending people.  

I think that dream was inspired by the book I just started reading.  It's part of yet another young adult vampire series; The Morganville Vampires. A young woman goes off to college in a small Texas town. The people there are a bit strange, and then she hears the town is run by vampires.

Later I had another Australia-related dream.

I suddenly go back to being obsessed with living in Australia.  I have this sudden urgent need to be in Australia much more often than every three years.  And it's Sydney that I need the most. I hate the idea of not being there. And at one part, we ARE there.  I have this need/desire to be at the harbour.  

I used to feel that way in real life....that feeling I can't be okay unless I'm in Australia. I'm over that now. Maybe the dream is telling me that I'm not really over it.  Maybe I just buried those feelings.   Or  maybe the dream is a reminder of how I used to feel, and I should be grateful that I'm less of an emotional mess now.