Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Internet War

Today, we received very generous certificates.  I felt a bit conflicted because I'm not happy with participating in the fight against Julian Assange.  I felt maybe I should boycott Amazon.  Although for me, boycotting doesn't usually go beyond THINKING of boycotting.   I'm really not good at such stuff....unfortunately.

Mastercard and Visa are in on it too. We use Mastercard a lot.  It would be hard to boycott them.   How would I shop online?  I guess I could use American Express. The good news is I don't really shop online all that much, anyway. 

The scary thing is the American government is pressuring corporations to make life difficult for Assange. What's scarier...that or the fact that some companies are actually listening?

What makes me feel a bit off the hook (about the boycotting thing) is Assange's team isn't depending on a consumer boycott.  They're wreaking havoc on the credit card companies with hacker assaults. 

I don't doubt the credit card companies deserve this....not just for the WikiLeaks thing but other stuff too. I don't know much about the subject, but I've heard some vague bad things. And today there was a story about some Russia-America credit card thing.   I don't really understand it, but it sounds a bit corrupt.  

Do customers deserve the problems caused by the attack on the websites?

Probably not. It's unfair to them. And I'd probably be highly annoyed if I needed to be paying for something today.

Still, what do you do when the government and corporations act like bullies?  Is there a way to stand up against them without annoying average consumers?


Probably not.