Thursday, December 9, 2010

Julian Assange's Connection to a Cinematographer

It can't really surprise me that I dreamed about Assange.  The guy has been on my mind lately.

Julian Assange has some connection to Dion Beebe (In my dream, I knew he was a filmmaker, but I wasn't sure if he was a cinematographer or director.  I had to IMDb him in the morning). 

I start to notice that in Beebe's films, there's always a boat and a child getting hurt.   Maybe a blond child?  One of Beebe's movies is an Exorcist type thing, and it kind of gives me the creeps.

I think of writing a blog post regarding the boat thing in Beebe's films, but thinking about it bothers me.  I guess it scares me? Worries me?  Whatever.  It doesn't make me happy.

Instead I sit down to write a post about Assange and Beebe.  I talk about how I'm a bit obsessed with the whole thing, but there's not a big worry. I usually get over my obsessions pretty quickly.

I'm writing in an isolated place, like a basement.  Being there makes me feel a bit...creeped out.  

Dreaming about Beebe was a bit random. I have no idea why I connected him to Assange.  I think I'll go skim my old Beebe blog post, and see if there are any hints there.

Wow.  I found a kind of coincidence.  It actually has nothing to do with Assange.  But last night, Tim was on the computer looking at Blue Ray machine things. He said we might need to buy one because eventually DVD players will be pretty much obsolete.  I groaned and complained about this.  It's great that technology keeps improving.  But it's annoying that you have a collection of tapes, albums, video tapes, etc. and it's hard to play them sometimes.

Anyway, I wrote about that on the Beebe post. I said, Actually, it's NOT that easy to watch videos these days. The problem is technology keeps changing. I have all these videos I can't watch now because the camera to put it in is broken. I was thinking of buying a new camera just so I can watch old videos. It's probably easier to just get the videos transformed to DVD. I need to do that....someday.

Although what's the point? I can get all these video tapes transferred to DVD. Who knows if DVD's will be around ten years from now? They might be almost obsolete as well.

I can't say my conscious mind remembered ANYTHING about the Beebe post, besides the fact that the guy is involved with film making. But maybe this dream shows that my subconscious mind remembers a LOT of what I wrote and learned.  That would be nice to know. It bothers me that I spent hours upon hours learning stuff and then forgot most of it. It would be nice to think that part of me DOES remember.