Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Julian Assange has a thermonuclear device, and he might use it on us. Yikes.

Okay, it's really not that scary.  We're not all going to blow up, or become radiation zombies.    Assange's lawyer was being symbolic when he used that thermonuclear term.  What it refers to is a huge treasure box of secrets.  

If something happens to Assange, the information will go public.

Is that a threat?  Blackmail?

And if Assange is all about giving people the truth, why withhold it from us?  Why isn't it available all ready?

Or does he plan to provide the information...no matter what?  Maybe he thinks it's better if the information is released at a later date, but if he is put into a bad situation, he'll release it sooner.

You know, it's probably his way of saying....You can kill me.  You can arrest me.  You can hide me.   But the information is going to come out.