Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Choices in Public Transportation

Sometimes you want to go somewhere, and you have to choose between taking the bus or train.

But if you were in Sydney in the 1930's, you might have been able to do both at the exact same time!

The rail bus. It looks pretty unique.   

I'm liking these home movies much more than I expected.

I actually like them better than the film shorts.  A lot of those were CREEPY.  They used weird sound effects, and some of the editing.....  Well, some of the stuff reminded me of the deadly movie in The Ring.  

Home movies are nice. I remember when we used to watch them on the movie projector. It was such a huge deal. Big family event.

I love the sound of a movie projector.

Back to the rail bus thing.

Chris Bajkowski has an interesting blog post about it.  The rail bus things were launched in 1937.   Then by 1939, they were used as pay cars.  The buses brought payments to station employees. 

That's pretty cool.  It lasted for about 50 years. Now the buses are no longer used.