Thursday, December 9, 2010

Credit Card Companies

Has Mastercard and Visa ever denied service to an organized entity before?  

Is WikiLeaks their first victim?

And what's their reasoning behind their decision to make it difficult for WikiLeaks to get funds?  

Are they worried that WikiLeaks will put people in danger?

Do they believe people are safer when secrets are kept?

If we lined up coffins of people who died because of government and corporate secrets being revealed, and government and corporate secrets being kept, which line would be longer?  

WikiLeaks has the POTENTIAL of putting people in danger.  How about organizations and companies that are scientifically proven to put people in danger?  Have credit card companies boycotted them?

What about big tobacco companies? 

How many families have been destroyed by alcohol?  Has Mastercard and Visa ever refused a beer company their services?

How about the KKK?  Haven't they caused a lot of grief towards people who are not white?

Well, wow.  Look at this. According to the KKK website, I can donate money using my Mastercard and Visa.

What the hell?!!!

So, Mastercard and Visa.....You support racism, but you don't support the rights of the citizens of the world to read the truth.


Disgusting, really.

I will now be using my Mastercard as LITTLE as possible.  And I shall be sending thoughts of negativity and hatred towards you guys.  Neither actions will cause you much harm, probably. But it makes me feel somewhat better.

I'm glad to know that WikiLeak's payment processor is planning to take legal action against you guys.  I hope they win. I hope you end up deeply regretting your ridiculous, evil, and shameful decision.