Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hugh Jackman-Pet Sitter

Last night I dreamed......

Hugh Jackman is a pet sitter.  We're planning to use his services for Mu Shu. But then I remember that Mu Shu doesn't do well with strangers. He might attack Hugh Jackman. I'll feel guilty if I see him on television, and he's all scratched up from our cat.  We decide Mu Shu is better off staying at home.  

I thought that was kind of funny. I'm not sure what it means, or why I was imagining Hugh Jackman as a pet sitter.

Mu Shu is not one of those animals who will get warm and fuzzy with strangers.   He's VERY sweet with us, though.  He's definitely a lap cat.  If I sit down, he'll often climb up and sit with me.  He purrs like crazy.

Max, our other cat is in the laundry room most of the time because he pees all over the place. Tim rented a special vacuum/steamer thing yesterday to do a major clean up.   I admire that, and am grateful....but think, what's the point?  He's just going to pee again.  Although they say cats will keep peeing in the same place if they smell pee.  Maybe it will help to not have the pee smell.

When not in the laundry room, Max is kept in the kitchen/den area. We don't let him wander around the rest of the house. That's not saying he doesn't.  He often escapes, and we have to chase him around the house.  So he gets his little wild adventures.

I wish he didn't pee, because I miss the days when he was just roaming freely.

Maybe I should hire Hugh Jackman to come over and talk some sense into Max. 

In other news.....

After recording my dream on Livejournal (like I usually do) I did my thing of reading old entries. I read the entries from 5 March 2005 today.  This was the point that I first suspected all my weird dreams were pushing me in the direction of the Australia thing.   It's not the first time I dreamed about Australia.  I think that had happened a few weeks before.    But....

See I was having all these weird recurring dreams. I thought I was being pushed/led in some direction, and couldn't figure out where/why/what/when, etc.  For awhile, I thought it meant I should get really into spiritual stuff....dreaming, shamanism, psychics, reincarnation, etc. So, that's what I did.  But then slowly it transitioned into an Australian thing. 

Anyway, what I wrote is.....

There is something Australian going on. Just like Lost. I've seen images of Sydney lately and it reminds me of that wonderful dream I had as a child. I can't even describe the dream. But the area around the Sydney Opera house reminds me of the dream. Maybe I lived in Australia in my past life. 

I couldn't figure out what I had meant by Lost meant, at first.  But I think I was referring to the fact that they showed Sydney on Lost.  Although they really didn't. They showed Hawaii, and pretended it was Sydney.  So maybe my past life was in Hawaii.   Maybe I'm supposed to be obsessed with Hawaii, and I've really screwed things up.   I doubt it, though.   I've been to Hawaii three times and don't feel any huge connection to it. And my favorite thing about Hawaii last time was that my Australian friends were there. And the other times, the most special thing about Hawaii is that we were stopping off there on the way to and from Australia.