Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mediocre Writers

I'm watching an interview with Robert Hughes on the Australian Screen website. It's from the show Masterpiece Special.  

I like what Hughes says in the interview. All writers have a ton of doubt. The only exception is writers who are mediocre. They have total self-confidence.

I often have a lot of doubt about my writing. So that means I'm NOT mediocre. How awesome is that?

But what does it mean if you have a lot of self-confidence regarding having doubt? I'm kind of cocky when it comes to that. 

Now I'm thinking though.....

It's not a choice just between mediocrity and greatness. There's awfulness in there too. 

Is it better to be an awful writer or a mediocre writer?

I think I'd prefer being an awful writer.  Awful writers are seen by some as being brilliant/great writers.  And when I think of books I strongly disliked, they're usually written by writers who are well known, award-winning, and/or popular.  

I just finished a book that I'd put in the mediocre category.  I didn't love it. I wasn't bored to tears by it.  I liked it, but I probably won't seek out the sequels.