Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mr. Tasmania

My new thing now is looking a the National Library of Australia's website.   This might end up being really fun.  They have a collection of digital pictures.  I just saw one of Abel Tasman with his family.

If I was going to be doing the casting for a movie about his life, I'd pick Robert Downy Jr.   

Lord Wiki says that Tasman was from the Netherlands.  I don't know if I ever knew that. I probably assumed he was British or Irish.

Tasman didn't name Tasmania after himself. For awhile that place was called Van Diemen's Land.    Mr. Van Diemen was Dutch too.  

Why didn't I realize that? 

I think my New Years resolution should be to pay more attention to the Netherlands.  Lord Wiki says it's the first country to legalize gay marriage. Very impressive.   


In September, Tasmania become the first Australian state to recognize gay marriages performed in other countries.  

Interesting connection there.