Friday, December 3, 2010

Psychic Powers

Facebook led me to an article in the Daily Telegraph about a Sydney psychic helping in the search for a missing child.   

I hate missing child stories.  It's so depressing and scary.  

I like psychics though, and I do believe in them.   

The psychic in the news article is supposedly well known.  Debbie Malone.  She's had books published. She's appeared on TV.   

She might be for real.

I'll give her the benefit of the doubt. 

It IS kind of hard, because she didn't get things exactly right with the current missing child thing.   She thought a body would be found in a dam. I guess people take her seriously, because they searched the dam. No body was found. Maybe that's good news.  Maybe there's still hope. I would LOVE that. 

I hate missing child stories, but I hate them much less when the child ends up being alive.

Anyway, even a great psychic is going to get things wrong sometimes.  No one can be perfect at what they do.  I sing pretty good; sometimes great. And sometimes I sing really awful. 

I went to the Debbie Malone website.  I think I've actually been there before. She has a FAQ about spirit guides, and it seems familiar to me.    Before my Australia obsession, I went through a spirituality obsession.  I was into the whole spirit guide thing.  I wanted to bond with them, and bombard them with all my questions.

I guess it didn't work, because I still don't have answers.  

I feel my spirit guides are often exasperated with me.  It's kind of rude of them. No offense. As if I don't get enough criticism and doubt from my sisters and mom.   

Malone says that we change spirit guides through out life.  Each time you change direction in your life, your needs change. Your guidance is a continually changing process, determined by your own needs.  That's cool.  I wonder if my current guides are Australian.  Hopefully, actually.  If not, maybe that would explain why I sense they're exasperated with me.  

No, I'm joking.

I feel I'm on the right path with the Australia thing.

Malone explains that we have in and out guides....kind of come and go as we need them.   Then we have other guides who stick with us through out our lives.  I like that idea.   It's sweet.

Or maybe not. I've had times in my life where I've felt VERY alone and unloved. Where were the guides then?

You know.....

I think they were THERE, but they weren't happy to be there. They thought I was a brat, and they wanted another assignment. 

I also like what Malone says here.  If you do not take the time to communicate and listen to your guides, they will use other methods to reach you. A friend's timely advice, a dream, an old memory.

I pay attention to dreams a lot; and synchronicity.    

This page of the Malone site has some media appearances.   I'm going to watch some, see what I think.  

First Video.....

I'm being forced to watch an ad for mobile phones.   Mobile is one of the words that Australia has etched into my brain. That sounds normal now.  Cell phone sounds really weird.   

Okay. Video is on now.   It makes Malone sound pretty impressive. They describe her as the Australian version of Alison Dubois.   Hopefully, they mean the REAL Dubois, and not the TV one.   Otherwise, Malone is going to be switching souls with people left and right....and having possessed skin grafts.

Now I'm going to watch the next video.  I will say....the first one has me believing.   I'm gullible though.   I watched part of The Fourth Kind a few days ago. Those people had me totally fooled.   Personally, I think what they did was VERY unethical.  But that's a whole other story.

Now I'm watching the second Malone video.   This one has references to The Sixth Sense, and uses The Exorcist music.   

I think it's cool that some folks can see dead people, but I'm very glad I don't have that skill myself.    I'd rather gain the ability to knit or juggle. I wouldn't mind having the ability to have out of body experiences at will. That would be really cool.   

Malone says she has made the mistake of thinking a dead person is a living person, because some dead folks have the solid thing going on.  I think the funny thing is when a medium thinks they're talking to a dead person, but it's really a living person. That happened on Medium, AND it happened in this young adult novel I read a month or so ago.  

It's interesting.  I'm watching this story, and thinking....what a nightmare.  How scary that would be to have dead people bugging you all the time.   And it's not just that they're dead.   I need my space.   I would hate to be seeing ANY people all the time like that.    

But the interviewer asks Malone if she'd be okay without these powers, and she says she doesn't think so.  She's so used to it now.  I guess it's become a part of her.  

Maybe it's like being a conjoined twin. The idea of it makes me feel really trapped and suffocated.   But if you get used to it, losing your conjoined twin would make you feel horribly lonely.

There's two more videos, but I think I'm tired of video-watching.

Malone does psychic readings.    An hour session costs $250.  That's expensive.   But we've wasted money on worse tickets to Universal Studios.  I'd rather sit in a cozy office with a psychic (real or fake) than stand in the midst of overwhelming crowds. Plus there you end up buying overpriced crap food; and you have to watch your child waste their allowance on plastic shit that has no magical powers.  

Really. Did I tell you that Jack and Tim stood in a line for about an hour just to buy a plastic wand? Yeah.  The stupid piece of plastic cost $30.   Ridiculous.  And Jack dropped it on the floor at home.   It broke.   I wouldn't call that durable.

Disney World is better.   If I had a choice between a psychic reading and Disney tickets, I'd probably pick Disney.  And well....if I didn't, Jack would likely kill me.  Hey!  Then I'd be a ghost, and I could talk to Debbie Malone for free.   She doesn't charge people on that end of the conversation, right?