Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Of course, I don't want to stand up in support of a rapist.  That's about as ugly as joining a witch hunt against an innocent man.

Is Julian Assange a rapist?   My gut feeling (probably coming from the fiction I read and watch) was that Assange was totally framed.  It's like them sending a Dementor after Harry Potter.  You get the kid to break the law against underage magic, make him look like a criminal, and maybe get him expelled.

Maybe Assange needs Dumbeldore as his lawyer.

Anyway, Reuters came out with the Assange rape story.  According to them, Assange didn't force any Swedish women to have sex with him.   He had consensual sex with two females.  With one, they failed to use a condom during the second session.   Later, the woman worried about getting an STD, and I guess she tried to track down Assange.  He had turned off his phone.  And I guess then they got the authorities involved.

What the HELL?????!!!!!!

I agree with a commenter on Reuters.  if this is what the Assange rape case is based on, this is complete crap. What an insult to raped women everywhere.

Rape is failing to use a condom?   That's just really....weird.

But the headlines are convenient in painting Assange as a villain.  How many people are going to read between the lines?    

I can kind of relate....in a minor way.  I was once accused of attacking someone's child online. I received much animosity for that.  In reality, I merely disagreed (without name-calling, swear words, or other similar attacks) with a young woman (in her late teens or twenties).    

You can twist stories to make innocent people look guilty.

You can hide information to make the guilty look innocent.   

Or you can take dirty secrets and share them with anyone who's willing to listen.

There's other stuff going on in the world besides Assange.  Oprah!   I saw this headline: Australians Pay For Oprah Winfrey Show, But Are Kept in Dark Over Tour Plans.  I thought I was so clever, because the first thing I thought was Oh!  Julian Assange can provide all the wanted answers.   

Hell, I AM clever, but I'm not the only oneCommenters for the article said the same kind of thing.

Maybe WikiLeaks will do much more than just inform us on secret dealings in the government and other big entities.  Maybe we'll end up living in a world with no secrets OR surprises.

Imagine....Your fortieth birthday is coming up. You get an email from Julian Assange and his friends.  Surprise party coming up.  Planned by: your sister-in-law.  Here's the guest list, date, time, and location.   We will continue to keep you up to date regarding what gifts you will be receiving.