Thursday, December 30, 2010

Talking During Sex

I finally finished the Markus Zusak book.  

Now I'm reading another Jaclyn Moriarty book; The Spell Book of Listen Taylor.

It's NOT about the Ashbury High kids.  I was a little weary reading it. I don't know. It's like watching your favorite TV show, but all your favorite  characters are gone.

I miss Bindy, Lydia, and Amelia, and Em.  I miss all of them.

And this book is different.  It's not written via emails, letters, diary entries, etc. It's normal narration.

I'm struggling to adjust to the change.  But I'm managing.  

The Ashbury High books make me laugh out loud.  I love books like that.

This new book didn't make me laugh.....until I got to page 32.

This bit totally cracked me up. 

This woman is writing down things about her husband that irritate her.

She says, During sex, he talks in this low husky voice, which is nothing like his own.  More like somebody hiding in the pantry and phoning the police while a robbery takes place.

That made me laugh.

I hope there's more stuff like that in the book.