Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Filling Up That Empty Feeling

I have that blah empty feeling you get when you finish a really great book.   I think I'm kind of in mourning here.  The good thing is I'm reading another great book.   It's part of this young adult supernatural series I like.  House of Night.   I'm on the third book now.  Still, I miss the reincarnation thing.

I'm going to bury my sadness with some more fun quizzes.  Maybe I'll do better than 6/10.  I hope so!

I'll do 1975 Australia.  At least I know about The Dismissal.  Maybe that will help.  

Oh, it did!  I got 9/10. I'm SO proud of me!!!   

I just went to eat dinner, and now we're watching National Lampoons European Vacation.   Guess who's in it....

Hagrid!!   He's in the scene where Ellen Griswold is in the bathtub with her eyes covered. Hagrid walks into the bathroom, and she mistakes him for Clark.

Okay.   Let me do some more quizzes. 

I'm going to do Australia 2001.   I got 4/10 for that one.

Now we're watching the scene where Clark tries to help his family fit into French culture by buying them berets.  Clark reminds me of my dad.

Here's a quiz about Australia extremes.   I got 2/10.  That's VERY extreme.

Here's a location quiz.  5/10 for that one.  I aint proud.

Okay.  Now I'm going to do a Prime Minister one.   I got 9/10.  That one was pretty easy.  I missed one, only because I didn't read the answers carefully enough.

And I'll do another Prime Minister one.   I like the Prime Minister stuff.

I love this song

It's not exactly pleasant seeing Harry Potter people in other movies.  Yesterday, Tim was watching a movie with Dumbeldore. Dumbeldore with no beard, and no wand.  I felt a bit traumatized by that.

I got a 7/10 on that one. 

This PM quiz is supposed to be very difficult.  

And it was.   I got a 3/10.

Here's a whole quiz on Kevin Rudd!  8/10!  I know my Rudd!  I'm so happy.

Here's a quiz about political history.  I got 8/10 again. 

I think watching European Vacation has strengthened my brain.

Here's another Prime Minister quiz.  I got a 6/10. 

Oh!  Cool!  I found a whole category I missed before.  It's a mixture of stuff. 

Here's a Christmas quiz.  That's fitting.

Holy Crap.   I'm a naughty Jew.  I got a 10/10 on that one.  So funny that my best score is on a Christmas quiz.

We took a walk tonight and looked at the neighborhood Christmas lights.  I like that kind of thing.

Here's an alphabet game thing.   I got a 14/25. I wish I had done better, but oh well.

Now I'll do a Melbourne quiz.  I hope I don't do horribly.

COOL.   I got 7/10.

Here's a cultural quiz.

I think the European vacation movie goes down hill after they leave Germany.  

I got 8/10.  I guess I'm more cultured than I thought.

I'm going to do one last quiz.   It was general knowledge, and I got a 6/10.

I change my mind.  I'll do one last quiz, but not an Australia one. I'll do Harry Potter.

10/15....Oh well.  That's not very impressive.

Tim is sneezing nonstop. Let's hope he's not sick.