Sunday, December 12, 2010

Getting the Truth Faster

Tim and I were talking about WikiLeaks the other day.  Tim said something that I totally agreed with.  The truth usually DOES come out.  It's just that sometimes it takes decades.  In the meantime, we get to live with our heads in the sands.

The stuff Julian Assange is revealing?  It's likely to be revealed anyway....someday.  He's just expediting the whole thing.

I keep wanting to type Julian Sands today.  Remember that guy?  I wonder if he's still acting at all.    Oh...yep.  He still is.  Cool.  

Anyway, back to the truth-revealing subject.

A few months back, it was revealed that the American government DELIBERATELY infected people in Guatemala with Syphilis.   This happened between 1946-1948.  Finally,  62 years later....the government is apologizing.   I find it hard to believe that a moral conscience is what prompted the apology.  It's likely more a case of oops, they found us out.  We should say sorry, I suppose.   

I'm also betting that the story is not a complete surprise to many people.  People probably knew.  People probably spoke up.  I'm betting they were ignored and/or labeled as conspiracy theorists.

So, now I'm looking at Google world news. There's two stories that caught my attention.   One is that recent papers/tapes show Richard Nixon saying anti-Semitic stuff, and showing a lack of concern for Jews being killed.  But the Jews don't need to take it TOO personally.  He also said rude things about Irish and Italian people.

These things were said in 1973.  Now the tapes are finally public, and we get a better glimpse of Nixon.   That took 37 years.

So what if Obama says something horrible about Jews?   Homosexuals? Arabs? Australians?     Because of Assange, we might not have to wait decades to know about it.  We can know...NOW.   Or very soon.

Maybe Obama already has stuff to hide. It saddens and disappoints me that he has spoken up so viciously against WikiLeaks.  Deplorable actions?     

Why is revealing the truth deplorable?

So is it deplorable that someone has revealed Richard Nixon wasn't a fan of Jews?  Is it deplorable that some people had the guts to uncover what the American government did in Guatemala? 

Should we keep secrets so countries can smile at each other diplomatically, and then say/do awful things behind each other's back?  

Poor Obama and Clinton....having to mop up a bunch of messes so other countries can still love them.    Well, why the hell did they make the mess in the first place?!!

Maybe WikiLeaks will make people think twice about making messes.  Maybe it will make be more careful.  And sometimes, a mess is unavoidable.  It happens.  But maybe instead of sweeping it under the rug, the politicians will be forced to come forward immediately to apologize and make amends.