Thursday, December 23, 2010

Is the Rhinoceros Originally From Australia?

I had more Australia dreams.  I seem to be having a lot of them lately.

The first came from my dad emailing us last night to say they watched Modern Family.  We hadn't watched it because we thought it was a rerun.   I kind of mildly freaked out, which is stupid because we would have had it taped.  We could have just watched it tonight.  But anyway, it WAS a rerun.   It's just my parents hadn't seen it yet.

In the dream....

Tim, Jack, and I have this game show we love.  It involves travel, trivia, and other fun stuff.   We think the new season hasn't begun yet, but then I realize it has and we've been missing it.  

I watch some of it, and there's a part in which someone asks which of a list of animals are from Australia.  It's one of these games where people try to fool others into picking the wrong answer.   One of the animals is a rhinoceros.  I'm thinking that's wrong.  But someone goes into this story about how they used to be from Australia, but someone took them, by ship, over to the other continents.    I start sort of believing it, but then I learn it was wrong.  

There were more animal dreams, and I'm wondering if it's all supposed to symbolize something.

This part's not really Australia related, but I'll share it anyway.

I'm in a auditorium type place, trying to read a book that's not so exciting.  A woman near me is reading a book, and complaining about people who say that certain books are difficult/hard.   I get annoyed by her, and speak up.  I say she's obviously very intelligent, and so no book is difficult for her. But some people are not so intelligent, and certain books can be difficult for us.   

Then I go back to trying to read my book.  There's this table where you can pick up free plastic animals.   My friend Luke from college comes by and says he once bought me a Minotaur. It's kind of like he's talking to himself...but near me.  I correct him (either aloud or silently to myself).  He didn't buy me a Minotaur.  He had bought me plastic lions.  (This is true in real life).

Then he holds up a plastic elephant.  I'm thinking it's a bit big, but that's okay.   I reach out to take it, assuming he brought it over for me.  But it ends up he didn't. It's all a bit awkward.  

I looked up lions, rhinos, and elephants on a dream symbolism website, hoping it would give me some clue.   I'm unfortunately not good at figuring that stuff out.   

I also looked up information on the whole Minotaur thing. That can be symbolic. All these things have great symbolism. I just don't know how to apply it to my own life an situation.  

OR maybe I do.

I think I kind of have an understanding. Sort of.

It's too complicated to explain though.

Ow. My brain hurts.  

I wish dreams didn't have to be so overly symbolic.