Friday, December 3, 2010

Maybe Google Maps Will Help Me Decide

My annoying brain is still obsessing over the Victoria/South Australia driving trip VS Hobart/Port Arthur issue.  

I'm going to play around with Street View.  I'll look at random places in the towns and cities we plan to visit.  Then I'll see which looks more appealing to me. Not that I'll base my decision on all of this.   But it might be a small factor.

I think Melbourne is pretty much written in stone by now, so I'll skip that.   

I'll go to Ballarat because that would probably be the first town we visit on the driving adventure.  
Wait.  It looks like we'll be passing through Bachcus Marsh. I should check that out.

Here's Simone road.  It's pretty, but not too exciting. Wasn't there a character named Simone on Head of the Class

Okay. Yep.  Lord Wiki confirms that.

Anyway, Simone Road doesn't look much different from Fort Worth. 

I think we'll pass through a place called Ballan. 

Here's Blackwood Street.  It's not making me too excited.   

Okay.  Now I'm in the Ballarat area. I'll look at a few streets here, since this is one of the places we'd probably sleep at.  

I like the trees on Chisholm Street.  The street was probably named about Caroline Chisholm.  

La Trobe Street was being visited by an truck the day Google took it's photo.

Queen Victoria Street has some cute little houses. So does McKee Street.  

But I'm not feeling enthusiastically in love yet.

Let's get back in our car, and drive some more.

We'll be passing near a small town called Beaufort.  We may have to stop to pee there.  Sturt Street looks peaceful.  

Now I'm in Ararat. It sounds Arab, kind of. Doesn't it?

Ingor Street has a locksmith.  

We'll likely pass by (or through) Stawell.  

Seaby Street looks slightly nice.  

Now I'm in Horsham.  This is one of the places I was thinking we might sleep at.  

Barnes Boulevard has a water view.  What is that?  

It looks like it's Wimmera River. 

Lord Wiki says it has a saline the Murray River.  I wonder if you can buy Wimmera River salt.  We still have our Murray River salt.

Bennett Road doesn't look overly exciting.  

Selkind Road looks ugly, in an industrial way.  

Time to make our way towards Adelaide.

We'll stop in Nhill. 

It's garbage day for Pine Street; or at least it was that day they took the photo.  

We might pass through Kaniva.  Progress Street has a view of a water tower type thing.  

Now I'm in South Australia.

There's something under construction on Dinning Terrace in Bordertown.  

Smith Street gives us a chance to see another water tower.  

Morcom Street in Keith, South Australia has some nice greenery.  And there's a bed and breakfast.

Next town I see is Tintinara.   High Street has a petrol station.  That might come in handy.    

I can't get myself to be that excited about McCracken Street in Coonaplyn. 

So far I feel I'm being very negative.  Port Arthur may least in the Google Map game.

Now Jack is with me.  Maybe he'll play along.

We're in Tailem Bend.   Railway Terrace.   It has that nice dusty look that I associate with Australia.   So does Hawke Road in Murray Bridge.   

The fence on Jubilee Crescent, in Mount Barker, is kind of ugly.  But besides that, the street looks rather lovely.

Ah! Finally.  I'm in Adelaide!!

Dashwood Road has pretty trees. 

Wilkinson Road isn't too exciting, but it's not ugly.   

First Street gives me a view of an interesting green building.  

Bernard Street kind of reminds me of Canberra.   I like it, because I liked Canberra.

It's time to make our way to Port Augusta.

I like Main Street in Port Wakerfield.  Again, there's that dusty Australia look.

Musgrave Street in Crystal Brook has some nice homes.  Sort of.  There's another not-so-pretty fence.   I hope the person who lives there doesn't find my blog, and get offended. If you ARE reading this, Mr. Musgrave Street resident....Well, please don't hate me.  And please know that we have some ugliness in our house as well.   You should smell our den.  It's full of cat pee.  Seriously.  It's gross.

Here's Bensley Street in Port Pirie  SOME of its fences are pretty, but not all.

There's another ugly fence on Mosely Street in Stirling. What's with these fences?   

Now I'm in Port Augusta.  Seaview Road.  Am I supposed to see the sea?  

I just zoomed out.  The water near there is the Great Australian Bite.  It would be cool to see that. 

Power Crescent has that dusty Australian look.  

Finders Terrace has some cute houses.  Matthew would probably be pleased.  

Okay, that's that.

If I left it up to Google Map Street View game, I'd have absolutely no desire to go on a road trip from Melbourne to Port Augusta.  But with that game, some of it's just bad luck.  I'm likely missing the pretty streets. 

But still.   It's fun.

Now I'm going to fly over to Hobart.

Jack's dancing to Heart of Glass. I like that song.   

Here's Wignall Street.  It's pretty.   I like it.

Erubus Street is beautiful.    

I like Nottingham Court.  

This town is hilly though.   Driving will probably give me a heart attack.

Fouche Street.  Oh my goodness. I think I want to move to Tasmania.  

Tasmania is SERIOUSLY calling to me.   And it's not the first time.

Now I'm near Port Arthur, on Tramway Street.   And I'm not joking now.   It has moved me to tears.   I think because it reminds me of England, and England reminds me of Harry Potter. Every time I talk about Harry Potter lately, I start to (almost) cry.  I mean I'm okay reading the book every night.  But when I think of the movie, and it ending soon.....I get all emotional.    Tim asked me about the scene with Harry and Hermione dancing, and I couldn't answer him because I got all choked up.   I don't think he knew because I hid in the pantry, and pretended to be busy.   

I don't think it's a matter of me choosing between South Australia/Victoria and Tasmania anymore.   It's about me dying to go to Tasmania.  I really want to go.   It's so beautiful.

There's another issue.   We're supposed to be meeting friends in Melbourne.   They're from around there, but live in Tasmania now.  Anyway, what if for some reason they can't get to Melbourne?   It would be awful to go to Australia, and not see them.  But it would be fairly easy for them to drive to Hobart.  Right? The best scenario would be if they could do both...hang out with us in Melbourne, AND Hobart.

Okay.   At least for tonight, I'm choosing Tasmania.