Friday, December 10, 2010

Odo Hirsch Made Me Laugh

HappyOrganist wrote in her blog about having fun filling out medical forms.  She uses her zany sense of humor, and has fun with it.  Cool.   I doubt she'd let me read them, but I DID get to read some funny answers-to-question on the Inside a Dog website.   They have interviews with young adult authors. I've been reading a lot of them today.  Hirsh has been my favorite so far. 

It's really not that brilliant, just silly.  But it cracked me up. Or maybe it IS brilliant. 

Odo Hirsh....That name sounds familiar.  Have I read any of his stuff?  Let me go check his website.

Oh. I don't think he has a site. I'll just chat with Lord Wiki.

Yes, I DID read one of his books.  He writes the Hazel Green stuff!   A few years ago, my dad was my Secret Santa.  He ordered me some books I had on my Powell's wish list.  Something went a bit wrong, and he ended up with multiple copies of 4-5 books.   So I think I still have a lot of copies of this Hazel Green thing.  It's downstairs in our guest room closet.

I think I read the book on the plane ride over to Australia. I don't remember much about the book, but I do remember liking it. I should get the sequel someday.

I just started reading the Margo Lanagan book; Tender Morsels.  I'm feeling all intimidated.     Sometimes I read books that are smarter than me. Then I end up feeling a bit dumb.

I'll be very happy if I end up liking this book. Then I'll feel smart.