Friday, December 17, 2010

Oprah Stays in Australia

I dreamed about Oprah last night.  It's funny.  I'm not a fan of hers, but she was really nice in the dream.  So now I'm kind of liking her.  It's weird how dreams can influence us that way.  

Here's the dream.

I'm with Oprah in Australia. She's actually very nice. We kind of hang out, go to shops, etc.   We have these two young boys with us. They're bored and complaining. Oprah says she had promised them there'd be an oven, and it's not working. She's apologetic. It turns out these are some of her staff member's children. I'm thinking it's neat that she's so rich, successful, powerful, etc; and her here she is babysitting. She's working hard to keep the kids happy and entertained.

I remember that she's supposed to have left Australia, and is now in Fiji. I realize she's lying, and I'm against that. But I start thinking maybe this lie is okay, and I can't blame her for doing it. This way she gets time to relax and really enjoy Australia. I'm tempted to tell someone via email what I know, but decide if I tell one person, a lot of people will soon know. Gossip spreads. I also think of joking around with Oprah, saying So, how are you enjoying Fiji? But I don't. 

I had a creepy lucid dreams.  I LOVE lucid dreams, but I don't like the ones that begin in my actual house.  They seem to real then, and then I get creeped out by my house later when I'm awake.  The good thing is I got out of my house, went to la la land; and then things were better.     

When I have these dreams, I feel/think they're out of body experiences.  But then I wake up, and realize things in the dream didn't fit reality.  Like last night, I peered into a window to watch us sleeping.   I wanted to see what my body looked like when it's soul was missing.   However, we don't have a window next to our bed.  UNLESS....when I'm out of my body....well, maybe I am magical and can see through walls.  That would be awesome.    

A few nights ago, I went out the front door.  I didn't know if I was asleep and dreaming, or if I was awake.  I saw Tim's shoe near the mailbox, and for some reason I saw this as strong evidence of me being awake.  I decided to test things further though, so I tried flying.  I could fly, and that told me it was a dream. Then I left the house, and saw a construction site where houses should be. That was an indication it was a dream.

Anyway, my dream self was correct about the construction site. It was wrong about the shoe. Tim does NOT usually leave his shoes near the mailbox.

Yeah.  I know. I'm weird.     

Anyway, I hope Oprah is enjoying Fiji. I do wish she could have spent more time in Australia....relaxing and loving it like a regular (non-celebrity) person.