Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Testing Can Be Fun Sometimes

I decided I'm going to have some fun with some Australian quizzes.  See how much I know.  See how much I don't know.

And maybe some of you guys will want to have fun with some quizzes as well. 

I think there's probably a lot online.  I've done some before, mostly on Travel IQ (via Facebook) and the Fun Trivia site. 

Is there anything else out there besides that?    Let me go check.....

Enchanted Learning has a basic educational type quiz.  It's pretty easy, but well done...especially for children.  I like it better than the Oprah quiz at least.   I actually got one answer wrong though.   YIKES!   9/10 isn't so bad, I suppose.   

I Like To Learn has a map quiz.   It's easy, but I got a 90%    Why?  Because I couldn't figure how to do a simple task.  So, I give myself an A in Australia-stuff, and a D in basic common sense.

Here's an Australia educational site.   They have a quiz.  Let's see how I do.  Okay, that quiz is AWESOME.    I think it's the best Australia quiz I've seen.   The only problem is the grading system doesn't really work.   I had to do my own correcting and calculations.   Sadly, I got a 70.    But that's okay.  I think, unlike the Oprah quiz, these questions were valid and meaningful.

They have a harder quiz on the site.  Should I try that?  I guess I will.  I'm kind of scared.

I did it.   I got a 48%.   That should end the rumor that I know more about Australia than Australians.

This Australia Day site has three levels of quizzes.  Let's see how I do. Hopefully, good because I need my self-esteem to be restored.

I got a 9/10 on the easy quiz. I confused First Fleet arrival with Federation.  Oops.

I got a 6/10 on the medium quiz.

I got a 6/10 on the hard quiz.

I had to take a break so Jack could use the computer.

During that time, I read my book.   It's SO good.   My Name is Memory by Ann Brashares.  She's the one who wrote The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.  This one is about reincarnation.   If you're a believer like me, I think you'll love the book.  It's probably my favorite spiritual novel since What Dreams May Come.  

Back to the trivia....

I think I'm going to do some Facebook IQ Traveler ones now. 

I'm going to do a Tasmania quiz.  I'll probably be awful with that!

They give you these IQ scores. I'm not sure how it works really.  But I got a 118. 

Now I'm going to do a general Australia one.   With that I got a 94 IQ.   Weird, because I felt I did better on that one than the Tassie one.  I'm kind of tired of those quizzes. I'm going to jump over to the Fun Trivia site.

Wow.   They have a LOT of stuff here.  

Here's a general quiz.    I got 8/10.

Here's a Australia in the 1970's quiz.   It's supposed to be very hard.  I got 4/10 which is lower than the average score of 5/10.   So sad.

I just realized that quiz wasn't about the 1970's.  It was about 1970, specifically.

I should do the 1972 quiz since that's the year I was born.   I got a 6/10 there, the same as the average.

Here's another general quiz.   I got a 17/20 for that one.  I like that quiz.  It's cute.

Now here's a quiz about the 1960's and 1970's.   That was hard.   I got a 3/10.  The first question confused me.   All the answers seemed right to me.   Although I DID get it right.   I just can't understand why the other answers would be wrong....or at least some of the answers.   Was Skippy male or female?

Here's a quiz about supernatural Australia.   I got an 11/15 there. 

I'll embarrass myself with this quiz.   It's about Australia musicians who have made it big in America. I'm very ignorant when it comes to music.  I got a 6/10. I kind of did better than I expected.   Cool.

Here's a quiz about Peter Allen.  Will I remember ANYTHING that I wrote about him?    I got a 7/15. There were some generous questions though....kind of hard to mess up on them.

Here's a political quote quiz.  I love that quiz.   I got a 6/10.

Here's a Prime Minister Quiz.   That was very fun.   I got a 9/10.  

This Prime Minister quiz is supposed to be more difficult.   Let's see....  I got a 5/10.   I'm okay with that.   Maybe.

Here's a quiz about bloopers in history.  I got a 10/15. Funny that a Billy Idol concert is included in that.

Here's a quiz about inventions.   It's supposed to be difficult.  I got a 6/15.  I didn't like that quiz.  There were too many true/false questions.   I'm not a fan of those usually.

Here's a quiz on disasters.   6/15 for that.I wasn't a fan of that quiz either. 

Here's a book quiz.  I hope I do okay, since I love books.  Oh poo.  I got a 5/10.  

Here's teen fiction.   I read a lot of that.  

Oh NO!!! I think that was my worse yet.  3/10. It was really hard. 

Here's another literature quiz.  Awesome.   I got 9/10.

I'll do one more literature one.  6/10 for that one.

Here's a quiz on famous Aborigines.   I got a 6/10 there.

Here's one about Australian women.   I got a 6/10 here as well.   What's my deal with getting so many 6 out of 10's.   Why can't I get more 9/10's?????

Here's one about Australian TV dramas.  That was really hard. I got a 2/10.

Here's an Australian celebrity one.    6/10....again!!!

And last....I shall take a quiz about Aussie food.   I got an 8/10 for that.   It's not surprising that I'd do well on food.   The food in the ones I got wrong intrigued me.  There's some kind of magical Christmas dessert.   Now I've forgotten what it's called.   

If you take these quizzes and want to brag to me about your score, email me. I won't see you as a Tall Poppy, or anything.  Better yet though....if you did worse than me on any quiz, that might boost my self-esteem a bit. If you want to share that information with me, I'd greatly welcome it!