Tuesday, December 7, 2010

That's Cool of Kevin Rudd

So, WikiLeaks has leaked stuff about Rudd.   People write mean emails about each other all the time.  What if you had to read the mean stuff people said privately about you?  I wonder if it would be that much worse than the stuff people say to your face. Probably not.

Anyway, Kevin Rudd was described as being an impulsive control freak.   

Now I'm wondering if I'm an impulsive control freak.....

Am I?

Probably to a small degree, but not really.

I guess this thing about Rudd isn't a huge revelation. Haven't there already been rumors about him being that way?

Still, I can imagine it's hurtful. I know politicians must have a thick skin, but there are probably holes in that skin sometimes.  

Despite the leaks potentially hurting his reputation, Rudd does not seem to be joining the witch hunt against Julian Assange.  He's assuring us that Assange will get a proper level of consular support.   Hopefully, that means Assange won't become a victim of the American government.  That scares me a bit.

Speaking of America, I'm going to be picky again. 

The Australian has the headline US Welcomes Jailing of Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange.

Yes, while Australia is socializing and consuming caffeine at McCafe, America is rubbing their hands in wicked glee over a man being arrested for not using a condom. 

Really.  What do they mean by the US?   I'm not in support of Assange being arrested.  I bet Tim isn't either.  AND we also have Texan Republican Ron Paul on our side.    The three of us are Americans.  I'm betting there MIGHT be others like us out there.

Maybe Stephen Colbert.  That's where Tim and I first heard of Assange in the first place.   

Now maybe they're saying the majority of Americans see Assange has a menace.  Then I can maybe accept that headline.  It's still a bit rude though.   

Hey, I should go watch the Colbert bit.   I wonder if it's on YouTube......

Oh, it's not on YouTube, but it is on the Colbert website.  

It's interesting.  I don't think I actually saw it before.  I just remember Tim watching it, and him telling me that the guy was an Australian.

They talk about how Assange released some video and had it edited to push a certain point.  But his philosophy is that they edit their videos to make their impact politically.  Then they provide the WHOLE story/footage so people can decide for themselves.  Colbert argues that only a small percentage of people actually seek out the full source.

You know, I can see that from my blog and Statcounter.  Not many people go to the links I provide.    Not that I'm criticizing.  I'm not sure how many times I click on links when I follow blogs.   But yeah, I provide the links mostly so I can have people see that I'm not making stuff up off the top of my head.   

We take a lot of stuff at face value. We trust. We often don't dig deep.

Someone emailed me a forward a few weeks ago.  It talked about how bad people in Costa Rica are kidnapping sea turtle shells.  That sounded a bit off to me.  The pictures reminded me of those eco-tours I've heard of.  You HELP sea turtles by moving their eggs.  So, I went on Snopes and saw I was right.  It's just a silly hoax.  But maybe it's not so silly.  They're making good people look really bad.   That's not very nice.  

Then on Facebook, one of my Facebook friends posted one of those cut and paste status updates.   You know how some people were trying to bravely save abused children by posting up photos of their favorite cartoon characters?  Well, a rumor started that this was not about saving abused children.  It was a plot started by pedophiles.  Okay, I can't really understand how cartoon icon pictures save abused children, but I also can't see how it helps pedophiles. 

Someone questioned what my Facebook friend had posted.  She declared it WAS true. It was on the news and everything!  I decided to see for myself.  I looked on the news, and there was nothing there.   It's another hoax.  

Although you can't even really take THAT as gospel.  Maybe it IS a pedophile plot, and the news hasn't reported it yet.  Oh! And maybe Snopes is the one that's been lying all the time.   What if all the stuff they proclaim not true IS true?  

Oh, I'm boggling my mind here.   

Still.  None of us are perfect in this regard.  Not even me. I TRY to dig deep, and not easily believe things.  But I know I do fail at times.