Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tim Might Go to The Post Office Soon

I read Alex's post today about how people have big houses to fit all their crap.  It reminded me of how I often feel like I'm drowning in stuff.

I've given up on the idea of having a clutter free life.   I get rid of stuff.   More stuff comes in.    A small bit of it comes from me.  I like buying used books.  Every so often, I'll buy other things. Tim seems to be a magnet for junk.   I think most of it he gets for free.   Like when we were in Disney World, he attended a sales pitch meeting so he could get some swag.   He likes free stuff.   

Jack likes stuff.  He uses allowance to buy stuff.  We have full drawers and full toy boxes.

Then there's the stuff that people send you. I'm happy with email, letters, cards, a tiny trinket, etc.   But some people feel that's not enough.  They want to show their love by sending big gifts. We end up with stuff we neither needed nor wanted.  Not only do we have this new stuff, but we also have this huge box that won't fit in the recycling bin.  We have to cut it down, or stick it in the attic.   

I have decided my house will always be cluttered, and there's really nothing I can do to stop that from happening.   BUT we still have to get rid of stuff.   Otherwise, things will get extremely cluttered, and there's no room to put all the new stuff that comes our way. 

We gave some bags of clothes to charity a few weeks ago.  That helped a bit.    Now I want to start making room on my bookshelves.  Those are getting cluttered.  I just ordered a new package of soups, and it came with nice little boxes I can reuse for mailing.  Tim will be going to the post office soon to mail a Christmas gift to someone. SO I was thinking this may be a chance for me to start sharing my Australian books.  

The first shipment is going to be small, because the box is small.  I stuck in three Patricia Shaw novels:  The Feather and the Stone, A Cross of Stars, and The Dream Seekers.  They're all historical fiction...Australian historical fiction.     

I'm going to limit shipping to American addresses only. Sorry to be rude like that.   It's just I'm too cheap to pay for overseas shipping.  If you're interested in the books, please email me.  

I enjoyed reading all three novels, and definitely don't consider them to be junk.   It's just that I've read them once, and don't imagine they're the types of books I'd want to read again.    I'm all into book sharing.   

And you know what?   I wish the damn mailing tape would cooperate with me!

Oh, and I do like some gifts....homemade things.   A pink knitted hat from a special friend is lovely.