Wednesday, December 15, 2010

We All Deal With Challenges In Our Own Way

I'm still making my way through the Australian Screen Website....watching various television clips.   I started watching a bit of a children's TV show; Raggs.  Jack ran in here, as he tends to do when I start watching a children's thing.  I think the kid misses the cute characters of his earlier childhood.   Good thing he has two cousins that LOVE Elmo.    

Anyway, in this Raggs clip, these dog creatures get a white rabbit.  They greet the bunny with enthusiasm.  Then they start wondering what in the world should they do with the rabbit.   Some of them suggest keeping it as a pet.  The green dog seems to be the realist of the group.  She tells them they can't keep it as a pet.  They don't know how to take care of a pet.  They act perplexed. The yellow dog asks, What can we do?

Then the blue dog replies, I know!  I know!  Let's play!  Then like The Wiggles, they do a concert for little kids.

What about the rabbit?????!!!!

I mumbled some comment about this, and Jack started giggling hysterically. I said I hope you don't grow up handling your problems that way.  Oh no, kids!  There's a fire!  What should we do?   I know!  Let's play!

No, I know.  They probably did the concert, which helped them get centered....or whatever. Then I'm sure they figured out what needed to be done with the bunny.  

Oh, wait. There's more clips from the show. Jack and I will watch it, so we can find out what happened.

We're on the third clip now.  They're doing other forms of problem solving. Green dog suggested making a list.    That's a popular way of handling a challenge.

Jack just walked out on me. I guess the fate of the bunny isn't that important to him.

Oh no.  The dogs are dancing again. Is this really helping the bunny? While they're dancing, it's probably being infected with Myxomatosis.  

Well, the Australian Screen website has kind of left me hanging here. Oh, and earlier today....I was left wondering if a suicidal guy jumped off a building or not.  

Anyway, the Raggs thing has made me think about how we deal with problems in different ways.

We can make lists, talk to a friend, jump off a bridge, use an innocent person as a scapegoat, totally freak out, get drunk, sing and dance, etc.

I think MY thing is going on the computer and obsessively researching.  If the problem is scary or stressful to me, I'll also get very cold, start shivering, and my tummy goes a bit nuts.      

The last time that happened was a few days ago.  Tim threw up.  In case anyone didn't know....I have a pretty strong phobia of vomit.  So I was a bit traumatized. The poor guy couldn't make it to the toilet.  He threw up in the sink.  That was a huge MESS. The sink clogged, and Tim was majorly struggling with that.  So what do I do?   I Googled.

Things turned out okay.  We got it cleaned up. Tim did the plunger.   I washed all our sheets and blankets...even though he didn't even throw up on the bed.  If I had my way, I'd probably sterilize the whole damn house.

Fortunately, it was one of those cases where someone throws up and feels fine afterward.   I don't know how I'd handle one of those nights where people repeatedly vomit, and then spread their illness to everyone in the family,  That's probably my second biggest fear in life.   

I can't help but think it's bound to happen to us sometimes. How could I dare to expect to be spared?   If it happens....I guess I'll deal with it.

Maybe I'll be like Raggs and his friend.  I'll sing and dance in between doing loads of laundry and mixing up bleach solutions.