Monday, December 20, 2010

Weird Weather

So it seems the God of Weather is confused about southeastern Australia.  I'm looking at this article now......

It's summer in Australia, but there's cold and snow.

Australians don't usually get a white Christmas (unless they go off on holiday to Europe, America, etc.)  Now they can just stay local, and go to the mountains.

Weird weather.  It's fun, thrilling, mystical, magical.....until someone gets hurt and/or property is damaged.  Then it becomes really scary.

Australia is having scary weather in various places.  A friend once told me that this is usual for Australia.  I probably agree with her. America has some weird weather too.

I guess it's part of life on earth.

You never know what crazy thing you're going to face.  Well, sometimes there's a warning. But even the warnings themselves can be shocking.  Freezing rain? But yesterday we were wearing shorts!

Oh!   Speaking of weather.   Livejournal always has these questions when you come to their website.  Today's question was asking whether you prefer a temperate climate, or one with four seasons?    I definitely pick the temperate climate. I'd love to live in a place that's always between 75-80 degrees.   I could do without winter and super hot summers. Our winter is pretty mild here though, so that's nice.

Tim was thinking it might be an okay for us to go to NYC in January. I talked him out of that.  I prefer wearing shorts, t-shirts, and casual dresses while on holiday. I can be okay with having to do jeans and a light jacket. I'm not into the idea of having to wear boots, hats, gloves, double layers of socks, etc.  

I think we might go in April instead. Hopefully, there won't be any crazy weather.

What's the weather in Fort Worth like today?   I should go check.  

Oh!!!   It's going to be in the high 70's.  That would be the 20's in Celsius measurements. I should take a long walk, or something.