Wednesday, December 15, 2010

We're On the Same Page

Tim had me watch a bit of the Colbert show tonight, because Colbert made the same comment I had made, a few days ago, regarding the KKK accepting donations via credit cards.  

I wondered....coincidence, or was my brilliant observation just stolen by one of the most awesome celebrities ever?

If it was a coincidence, and Colbert said it first....would people think I was stealing ideas without giving proper credit?    

The show was broadcast on 9 December. I looked up my blog post, and that was 9 December too!  


Then I googled Julian Assange and KKK, and there's a lot of people with the same idea.   And they came up with it a couple days before me.   

It would have been awesome if I came up with it first, and the cool Comedy Central people noticed.   But I think it's even  better that many other people are realizing the same thing I realized.    Mastercard and Visa are being absolutely hypocritical and ridiculous.    I say (and likely other people have already said it before me) that Mastercard and Visa either need to open back up donations for WikiLeaks.  OR they need to cut off donations for the KKK.  

Speaking of stealing ideas though.

I do have to wonder if my novel is out there in Russia somehow. Someone from Russia keeps going to my novel website.   It's probably like the Bulgaria thing again. Someone in Russia has probably accidentally made my novel website their home page. Still, it's nice to imagine my novel is good enough to be stolen, and will soon be a bestseller in Russia.   

Sometimes, it's a lot of fun to be delusional.