Sunday, December 26, 2010

Yucky Oil Mess

I watched some of Stephen Colbert this morning.  He named some of the big stories for 2010, including the oil spill, Julian Assange, and King Tut's penis.

Well, it got me thinking.....

Mastercard, Visa, and Bank of America protested against WikiLeaks by cutting off ties with them.   Now it's very hard to donate to WikiLeaks.  Wow.  Look at the big credit card companies standing up against a guy who MIGHT do harm against the American government.  How brave of them!  How principled!

Okay, so when the oil spill happened.....did they cut off BP's ability to get funds?  

Here we have an organization that has not caused any harm to the United States.  They have just embarrassed the United States.  And then we have a company that caused MAJOR harm to our country. I know it was an accident....but still.   

Maybe they should have been more careful.  

I just don't think we should give Assange a hard time for POTENTIALLY causing the United States death and damages, if we're not going to give a very hard time to a company that DID cause the United States death and damages.   
As for WikiLeaks doing harm against the United discussion with my family has made me think of some things.

A) It is NOT a crime to be against the United States.  You can dislike someone for not liking Americans.  You can be angry at someone for not liking Americans. But I don't see how you can criminalize someone for their opinions.  

B) I don't see how we can blame Assange for America being put into an embarrassing light. The world already has a lot of anger towards America.

C) I get the feeling that right-wing Americans are unaware of the fact that many people around the world look down at Americans.   I think they think that America IS the best country in the world, and that all other nations (except the Muslim ones) are loving us and wishing to be us.  They seem to think everyone adores America....except for bleeding heart liberal Americans, and Muslims.   

D) I think I probably despise credit card companies.