My Posts about Narcissism and other Toxicities

People who heavily push the idea of forgiveness are probably very toxic people who are just trying to make it easier to get away with all their shit.  

How to have Drama with Your Narcissist

God Narcissists and Demon Narcissists 

Types of Apologies Part 1

Types of Apologies Part 2

How they Deal with the Narcissist 

How to Respond to Interpersonal Conflict in a Manipulative Way 

Abusive Parents, Toxic Parents, and Not-Perfect Parents 

The Bethany Storyline on Coronation Street 

Words and Phrases Used by Powerful Men When Called Out For their Behavior

Exaggerating and Twisting

Toxic People are Sometimes Delicious 

Emotional Abuse

How to be Awful to Someone Who Has or Had an Eating Disorder

I Will Keep Repeating this Story Until

Three Levels of Gaslighting

Is Gaslighting Acceptable in Supernatural Situations?

The One Good Thing About Donald Trump Being President

Tom Gaslights his Grandson Nathan 

You're Fine! Come On! Let's Talk about Something Else

I am a Super Nice Person and I've Been Super Nice All Along

Jane's Mom Apologizes 

How to be Like Brett Kavanaugh 

How to Not be a Brett Kavanaugh 

Hey It was Fun Meeting You Last Night

Guilt Can't Always Be Proven 

How Men Can't Stop the MeToo Witch Hunt

The Game of a Sadistic Person

Our Self-Righteousness Aint Going to Change the World

I'm Okay With Supporting but not Defending

My Emotions Belong to Me and Nobody Else

Never Tickle Your Children!

Controlling Behavior vs. Reasonable Behavior

No, No, No, No 

Doormats Kicking Ass

My Life in 1985: Part Two

My Life in 1986: Part One

My Life in 1988: Part Two 

My Life in 1988: Part Four

My Life in 1989: Part Two

My Life in 1990: Part One

My Life in 1990: Part Four

My Life in 1990: Part Five 

My Life in 1991: Part One

My Life in 1991: Part Two

My Life in 1993: Part One

My Life in 1994: Part Seven

My Life in 1994: Part Ten

My Life in 1994: Part Eleven

My Life in 1994: Part Thirteen

My Life in 1995: Part One

My Life in 1995: Part Three

My Life in 1995: Part Four

My Life in 1995: Part Seven

My Life in 1995: Part Eight and also a little bit of 1996

The Flowery Journal My Sister Gave Me: Part 10

The Flowery Journal My Sister Gave Me: Part 16

Public Wedding Proposals 

Alisa Stewart Loses Points in My Book 

It's Really None of Their Business

Feeling Down 

I Met a Man

Blog Therapy

Conversational Narcissism and Blogging

Teaching Our Children to Read, Taking More than what's Offered, Rich and Powerful People and Demanding Narcissists 

Stay or Go

Boyfriend in with the Best Friend  (I wrote this one back when I hated gaslighting, but didn't know there was actually a name for it!)

Walking in Sydney, Dishonesty, Old Photos, and Jenna Rosenow (Another post where I describe gaslighting, but don't seem to know there's a name for it)

Autism Educational Challenges, Thomas Henry Huxley, Blaming Illness, and Taronga Zoo (Yet another post where I didn't know the term for gaslighting)

Life Lessons in Aussie Films Part II

Can You Hear them Crying?

The Self-Centered DJ, Taxpayers, Horrible Parents, and Commitment

Today I am Hating Nurse Bronwyn 

15 Minutes 

Dreaming, Working, and Failing

No Pollution Here. Move along

The Dark Night

Bloody Assumptions 

Billy Proudman and the Singing Lady

I don't Really Have to Forgive You

A Mental Health Campaign I can Stand Behind

We All Deserve a Storyline


Children in Danger

Be Cruel, Strong, or Sulk

Gratitude and Changes 

Two Teenagers 

The Cold Hard Truth

Box of Memories

I Don't Like that Nanny

Should We Be Blunt?

Do Americans Brag a Lot?

Lewis on House Husbands 

Eglantine Died and I'm Still Alive

Well that Didn't Restore My Faith in Humanity 

Adultery Takes Three Sometimes 

Cruel Idol

A Bullying Society 

Bad Things Could Happen

Human Kindness is Overflowing

Two Different Brothers 

The Dursley's on Pivet Drive 

Saying and Doing the Wrong Things

TV Shows I've Watched Lately

Searching for Validation

Honoring the Dead 

Give Me Some Attention


Sometimes You Should Sweat the Small Stuff 

Cathartic Reading

Confused Desires

Not Australia, Me, Me, and Me

Television Characters, Sixteen-Year-Olds, Protecting People and Emotional Blackmail

Confusing Dreams, Rejecting Help, Bittersweet Situations, and Manipulation Stuff Again

Manipulative Billie, Cleo, Jack Thompson, and Bottled Up Feelings

Name Sexism, Dealing with Loss, Another Damn Proposal, and Redness

Billie, Nate, Kat, and Denny

Kids of Summer Bay, Bad Billie, Bad Carl, and Bad Me

200th Episode, Admiring Chutzpah, 2016 Summer Bay, and Defending Manipulative People 

Boris is Probably a Flying Monkey

Scarlett's Momma

Trying to Make Amends with Expensive Gifts 

Robert's Bad Behavior on Coronation Street 

The Daddy of Lucifer Morningstar

More Narcissistic Parenting on Lucifer

Anna From the Fosters